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Get in touch with what makes storytelling an enduring oral tradition with The Traditional Storyteller – The Giant Turnip. This eBook app is one in a series from Day Two Productions that enlists the help of award winning storytellers to tell classic tales to children the old fashioned way: right from the storyteller’s mouth.

I’ll be honest, I expected a little bit of backlash from the kiddos when I showed them the app. After all, it barely had any pictures, and there were no special interactive illustrations or video animations. But, oh boy, was I worried for nothing. The strangest thing happened when I put on The Giant Turnip story. The kids got very still, and very quiet, and they paid attention. Oh sure, there was the occasional wiggle and, of course, plenty of giggles, but for the most part, they paid rapt attention to Katrice Horsley as she regaled us all with the tale of a farmer and his quest to pull an enormous turnip.

It was an entirely different experience than we normally have with applications. Once the story was done the kids were practically frantic for the extras. Each activity helped drive the story home.

The mapping game went over some of the story highlights and gave the kids fun visuals. The Listen and Repeat game was a little bit advanced for the toddler crowd, but it was still fun to try. The Tell Your Story activity was super fun. Have you ever heard a three year old try to say “higgilty piggilty” in a serious voice? It’s precious, I assure you.

The Traditional Storyteller – The Giant Turnip app costs $4.99 which is a bit higher than other apps. But I really think this app, and others in the series are on to something. We’ll definitely be adding some other titles from The Traditional Storyteller series to our iPad soon.

Bottom line

The Traditional Storyteller – The Giant Turnip is the perfect combination of modern technology and tried-and-true oral tradition. Do not miss this series.https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/traditional-storyteller-giant/id486851714?mt=8