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TreeRing is a great new app for parents who are into photography, especially family photos.  With TreeRing, parents can now automatically organize all their baby’s photos and memories by age, design photo albums they can print and share photos with family and friends easily!  I thought that this would be a great app for any parent who wants to get more organized with their family’s photos.

Here’s how it works…Start by simply adding your favorite baby photos directly from your phone, Facebook and Instagram.  The app will help you remember all the small (and meaningful) details — what was the weather like when you brought your baby home for the first time, what food did your baby love the most and anything other memory you want to be sure to remember.  You can easily attach a photo to each milestone and then add the finishing touches!

TreeRing Memories will automatically group your photos by your child’s age and then put them into books that you can preview and print from within the app.  Maybe a book for your baby’s first birthday?  It’s easy to create custom books at any time as well.

Parents can print books for as little as $9.99, and you can even receive your first book for 50% off!  The app will help you by providing layout and picture placement (if you choose) and also automatically create collage pages, with up to 4 photos per page.  Parents can choose their favorite photo for the cover and choose from 16 professionally designed themes.

Parents can also invite family and friends to join TreeRing Memories so they can follow their little one’s growth and help by adding pictures of their own to the collection!  TreeRing Memories is always free to use, and does not require a subscription.  There is a promise behind each book: TreeRing will always use the highest quality paper and products to showcase your memories, and they guarantee the final result will always put a smile on your face — or you’ll receive a full refund!

I really loved the idea of TreeRing.  I haven’t ordered yet, but I am definitely going to check it out!  I would definitely recommend this app to parents who love photography and making photo books!

TreeRing Memories Review
TreeRing Memories
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