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Learn all about London when you travel there with Alicia and Theo in TwinGo London.

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Alicia and Theo are headed to London and they’re inviting kids to come along with them. TwinGo London helps kids learn all about the sites and sounds of the capital of England. They gain information as they read through the interactive story and put what they’ve learned to the test through a series of fun activities.

Features include:

  • Animated characters
  • Fun activities
  • Facts about London
  • Beautiful artwork


The app opens with an animated introduction that introduces kids to the characters in the app and the trip they are planning to take. From there, kids are flown to London and begin their journey. As they go through the story, kids are given opportunities to interact with the app and find clues to solve the mystery. The app moves smoothly, but the characters are a bit stiff, which may turn kids off a bit.


Kids will learn a ton of information about London. They’ll also get to put on their detective caps and find clues to solve mysteries within the app. As kids go through the app, they’ll have to pay close attention to the scenery and to everything the owl says. At times he can be a bit wordy, which means kids have a lot to remember. However, they’re tasked with using the information throughout the app, so it’s not too overwhelming.


Kids will enjoy the games found throughout the app. By playing games, they earn coins which allow them to gather more clues and get to different places. While the games are fun and involve activities such as flying a plane and popping balloons, they tie into the game so they’re educational at the same time.


The app is priced comparably to other interactive ebooks. It also comes with lots of activities for kids, helping to increase the value. This app is particularly ideal for kids looking to learn more about England, particularly London.

Child Friendliness

The app does not contain any in-app purchases or other content designed to take kids out of the app. In the free version, kids are encouraged to download the full version of the app to continue on their adventure.

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Learn all about London when you travel there with Alicia and Theo in TwinGo London.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars