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Twist and Count-Pinball Math is a simple yet entertaining way to introduce young children or challenged math students to basic addition. The game features high-action animations, colorful graphics, and delightful sound effects.

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Twist and Count-Pinball Math is a simple and easy-to-use app to help young children practice addition and counting skills. Players twist the iPad to guide colorful ball-like characters to the correct answer in this no-fail game.

Features include:

  • No possible way to get wrong answers – great confidence builder!
  • No complex control gestures- just twisting the device
  • Simple design is perfect for the very young or children with disabilities
  • Cute characters to engage and maintain interest
  • Delightful soundtrack to hold attention


Twist and Count- Pinball Math is a high-quality app that will delight young users. The app works well on phone or tablet, and is very easy to use. The twisting motion required to make the characters bounce into the correct number bin is easy to master, and the game’s no-fail design ensures that children will always get the correct answer.


This app is a wonderful introduction to simple addition sums to nine. Developers have taken the old adage that “simple is often best” to heart and have created an amusing game that will delight and entertain children while helping them internalize some very important math concepts. Game play truly is simple: Users are presented with a math sum when they begin the game. For each addend, corresponding numbers of character-balls bounce onto the screen and line up. When the device is twisted, the balls begin a pinball-like journey down the screen to one of three number bins. The correct answer to the sum is always one of the choices. Twisting the device can help guide the balls around obstacles and into the correct bin, or if the user finds it amusing, can try to deflect the balls and keep them away from the correct bin. It will prove to be an impossible task! The game is designed so that even when balls fall onto an incorrect answer, they zing outward with renewed vigor and eventually make their way to the correct response. After all have landed, the numeral representing the correct answer appears and the balls line up obediently for counting off, should the player wish to do so.

The no-fail design ensures that kids, no matter how they play, will always arrive at the correct answer to the sum. There is also always an opportunity to count the balls both before and after answering the problem. The only suggestion I could think of to enhance the app would be to have an optional system where the problem, counting off, and answer would be verbalized after the correct answer is revealed. But it is really fun as it is, and the simplicity is a real asset, particularly with its target audience of young or disabled users.


Developers hit the nail on the head for entertaining young players with this app. The “balls” are really roly-poly characters with googly-eyes that will appeal to nearly all children. They bounce and roll around the screen with varying speeds, and are accompanied by some very entertaining sound effects. It’s fun to twist the device and to try to guide the ball-characters into the correct number bin, and it’s even more fun to try to keep them from landing where they are supposed to be. Either way, children will still need to predict (or add) to find out which number represents the correct answer, so the goal of the app is met no matter how children decide to play.


This app is a good value for young users. It will help most children gain a more firm foundation with basic addition and counting. Since it only goes up to sums of nine, though, some youngsters may quickly outgrow it. It also may become a bit tiresome for long-term play value, since the novelty of the characters, the movements and the sound effects could wear off. It would be nice if the app had a way to “grow” with the child a bit farther.

Child Friendliness

This app is very child-friendly. It perhaps could benefit from a parents’ section, however, that could house options about the sound effects and perhaps give suggestions about how to get the most educational value from the game.

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Twist and Count-Pinball Math is a simple yet entertaining way to introduce young children or challenged math students to basic addition. The game features high-action animations, colorful graphics, and delightful sound effects.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars