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Viewpoints: The Blue Jackal and the Lion is the first in KidsAndBeyond’s Viewpoint series. This storybook app takes an interesting approach in presenting two different perspectives to one story. The addition of thought provoking and discussion questions throughout the story and at the end only adds to its uniqueness. Possibly setting the bar higher for storybook apps; it’s no longer just a storybook. This app is a great tool for parents or schools who want their kids to think beyond the obvious; to expand their thinking when reading books, watching movies or presented with different real life situations.

A navigation bar and arrows are available throughout and make it easy to move around the book. Buttons for turning narration and text on or off are also readily available on every page. These features could be especially handy during discussions.

This Viewpoints app contains very few interactive objects. Based on the iTunes description I expected more, so we spent a fair amount of time touching things, only to discover a couple of objects throughout the entire book. This is one area that the developers need to improve; I would suggest adding a few interactive objects per page. Doing so will add to the many ways this book could be used.

The interface is intuitive, even for the youngest users; graphics are bright and colorful; and narration is easy to understand.

Viewpoints: The Blue Jackal and the Lion is an iPad only app.

Bottom-line: Viewpoints: The Blue Jackal and the Lion is an interesting and unique storybook app. We look forward to the next book in the Viewpoints series.
The Blue Jackal has become the new king of the forest! Everything seems so peaceful and all the animals are so much happier. Maybe–but not if you’re the lion, the old king!

KidsAndBeyond presents the first story in its Viewpoints series: an adaptation of the classic Indian folk tale “The Blue Jackal.” The story of the lonely yet clever Jackal who fools the forest animals into crowning him their king is revamped to give readers the story not only from the jackal’s point of view, but from the hurt and confused lion’s as well!

Beautifully illustrated with narration, video, and interactivity, “Viewpoints: The Blue Jackal and the Lion” allows users to explore multiple perspectives of the same story in a fun, engaging, and age-appropriate manner. Download the app to immerse yourself in this exciting tale!

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