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  • Wee Kids Stickers
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  • Last modified: November 19, 2019
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Review Summary:

Young children will improve their observation skills through play while using this simple universal app.


Wee Kids Stickers is a good quality app with a cheery, child safe environment. The app contains a variety of activities that become progressively more difficult; some activities are timed.

Features include:

  • Child safe environment
  • Easy to use interface
  • Multiple backgrounds


Bright colors, nice graphics and cheery music are just a couple of the elements that make Wee Kids Stickers enjoyable. The interface is easy to use; simple even for the youngest users. Brief in-app help is available if needed. The music can easily be muted at any time, if desired.


Attention to detail is the main objective of the activities included in this app, especially as the levels become a bit more difficult as the child progresses. While some activities are timed they will not prevent the child from progressing if they are not able to complete the activity within the time limit.

The activities are all about placing the sticker in the correct location, similar in nature to the wood puzzles we played with as children. If a sticker is incorrectly placed, simple feedback in the form of a sound indicates it is not the proper location.

Very few words are included in the app, making this a good fit for those not yet having learned to read or are just beginning.


A variety of backgrounds are included, but the concept of each activity is the same. While the environment is entertaining, the app could use more variety in how activities are played to avoid becoming monotonous.


This universal app plays the same on the different sized devices. The ability to use this app on a variety of idevices makes it a good buy for families. Wee Kids Stickers contains a good amount of content for the price.

Child Friendliness

Wee Kids Stickers provides a safe environment for your child to play. In this app kids can focus on play with no concerns about external links. The app does not contain any external links.

Young children will improve their observation skills through play while using this simple universal app.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars