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Four interactive stories introduce kids to the solar system, the desert, the North and South poles, and the entire globe.

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The Where Are We? Learning Library Collection from Oceanhouse Media gives kids access to four different stories featuring Dr. Seuss’ beloved Cat in the Hat. In these stories, kids learn about new locations around the globe, from the depths of the solar system to the heat of the desert with stops at the North and South Poles and other locations on the map along the way. Kids will learn details about these locations, build basic map reading skills, and learn a whole host of science and geography-related vocabulary words, as they read through these rhyming stories.

Features include:

  • 4 different stories
  • Read to me and Read to myself options
  • Highlighted narration
  • Subject-specific vocabulary


Kids will find the same quality they’ve come to expect from Oceanhouse Media apps. Since this app features four different stories, the main screen is a bit busier, with all four story covers gracing the middle of the screen and icons for other Oceanhouse Media features filling the rest of the screen. The actual stories come with fun illustrations featuring the Cat in the Hat, light animation, and vocabulary words that appear when they tap on images in the stories.


Packed into the traditional rhyming stories is a wealth of information about science and geography. Kids will learn all kinds of new words, such as mesquite, Sonoran Desert, cartographer, and the names of all of the planets. Kids will also build their reading skills through the text highlighting and Read to Me options.


While each of the four stories runs a bit on the long side, the trademark rhymes from Dr. Seuss help the characters get through them. They’ll also find humorous illustrations and a bit of animation to help make learning about the solar system, desert, and North and South poles a little more entertaining.


For the high price tag, kids gain access to four different Dr. Seuss books. While this price may be less than buying each book separately, it still seems a bit high for the stories, particularly if kids only take interest in two or three of the four.

Child Friendliness

While kids will find the stories easy to read and navigate, there are a lot of distractions in the app. A pop-up ad for additional Oceanhouse Media books regularly appears on the main screen and there are also bookshelf and app buttons to distract kids. Thankfully, access to all of these features is contained behind a parental block. This will help kids focus back on the stories and the child-friendly features such as text highlighting and record your own narration that help make the stories more accessible to them.

Four interactive stories introduce kids to the solar system, the desert, the North and South poles, and the entire globe.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars