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  • Wild Berries & Herbs
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  • Last modified: November 19, 2019
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Review Summary:

A great app to inspire parents and children to get outside and learn to identify various berries and herbs.

A great app to inspire parents and children to get outside and learn to identify various berries and herbs.



It can often be helpful for children to know the difference between edible and non-edible plants and berries, especially if they are out exploring on their own. Wild Berries & Herbs is an app featured in our At-A-Glance: Outdoors Apps For Kids post that provides ample information and pictures to teach children how to identify various plants, berries, and other herbs to learn which plants are safe and which are not.

Features include:

  • 15 Berries & Herbs in lite version/170 in full-version
  • Scientific names
  • High quality images
  • Variety of identifying features for each plant
  • Notes section


When it comes to identifying berries & herbs it is important to be able to view a high quality color photograph so users know what they are looking for. This app includes several images for each berry/herb in various stages of growth to assist users in their identification.

The set-up is very user-friendly as it allows users to search by the name (if known) or by various identifying features. This is a great way to allow children and parents an easy way to identify the berries and herbs in their area, while learning lots of great information about each entry. The developers have done a very nice job of incorporating a lot of information into a usable format for older children and parents to enjoy.


There is so much to learn in this app it is hard to believe that all of the information fits each page. With each entry there are not only multiple pictures of the berry/herb, but also the scientific name, category type, fruit type, foliage type, characteristics, distribution information, the history, the use, and in some cases whether or not the plant can be confused with other plants (including toxic plants).

In addition to the various berry/herb profiles there is an option to take a tour through nature, information on picking the right berries and herbs, as well as basic rules for safety when exploring, and recipes from various ingredients found within the app.

Another great educational feature is the quiz that is included to test your knowledge on the various berries and herbs included in the app which is great for parents and children.


While this app is full of great information about berries and herbs found in nature, there isn’t a lot of entertainment value besides the quiz that is included. With that said, parents can make this app fun to use out on nature walks and hikes by encouraging their children to explore the beautiful environment around them.


The lite version of this app offers a variety of 15 species to explore and learn about and it provides a great way for children and parents to test the app before purchasing the full version. Included in the full version is an additional 170 species, over 1,000 photos, and the quiz that will assist in learning the many fun facts included. Priced at just under nine dollars it is one of the more expensive apps, however it does offer a ton of information. When you consider what you might pay for a hard-cover reference book, the full-version of this app is a pretty good deal.

Child Friendliness

The brightly colored images and high-quality pictures make this app very appealing to children. The set-up is fairly intuitive to use, however parents may want to assist children when using it on hiking expeditions to ensure they are accurately identifying different berries/herbs and not mistaking some of the toxic plans with those that are edible.

The main page offers a link to other apps by the developer, however there are no social media links or other advertisements to be concerned with, so parents need not worry. All-in-all, this app is a great way for children to learn about various berries and herbs while inspiring them to get out into their natural environment.

A great app to inspire parents and children to get outside and learn to identify various berries and herbs.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars