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What sets Writing Magic Letters apart from other letter tracing apps is its unique learning approach. Rather than work through the alphabet from beginning to end, letters with similar strokes are grouped together. Some grouping examples are i, j and l, f and t, or o, e and c. One other thing that sets this app apart from the others is that it is set in a medieval castle and your child is the wizard’s assistant.

Children are presented with only a few letters per lesson with a game in between lessons. As a reward for completing a letter correctly a spell is added to their spell book. Spells are then used to assist people in the castle. After all of the lessons have been completed children are given the opportunity to continue earning spells. Children will use their problem solving skills to figure out which spells will produce what the people are requesting.

Letter tracing must be fairly precise before it is accepted as correct. Tracing of the letter is discussed and demonstrated before the user has the opportunity to give it a try. The option to hear the sound of the letter is available during lessons. In-app help is available throughout the app. Children will receive positive feedback during the lessons and game. While tracing the letters they are encouraged to keep trying or after several failed attempts they will receive an offer of assistance so that they can proceed without becoming frustrated.

The entire app is narrated with a British accent. While this should be fine for most children there were some instances when this difference may be confusing to children in the U.S. One example is the pronunciation of the letter Z and the word zebra. Adding additional voice options is needed when learning the correct pronunciation is so important.

Navigating around the app is easy and parents will not need to be concerned about children accessing undesirable areas. The app does a good job of maintaining the young user’s focus; unnecessary interactive objects or buttons will not distract them. Colors and sounds are subdued, but not boring, allowing children to focus on the task at hand.

While the learning approach is unique it does not offer the flexibility some may be looking for in working with specific letters over and over again. For example, if a parent or teacher wanted to repeat the lesson for the letters o, e, and c for a week they would not be able to easily do so. At the completion of the game the app is reset or the reset button in the settings menu can be used. In addition, having the option to work on upper case letters is needed.

Bottom line

More than just letter tracing, Writing Magic Letters, requires children to use their problem solving skills during the game portion of the app. App includes only lower case letters.

Learn to write the letters of the alphabet with Magic Letters. Explore a magical world where you learn to cast spells by writing the letters of the alphabet correctly. Use the spells you learn in your spell book to help you meet interesting characters and solve simple problems, all the time practicing your writing skills. The more you write each letter the more spells you master.

With over 70 problems to solve your child will have plenty of opportunity to practice writing while enjoying solving unique problems.

How to write the letters is explained and demonstrated for each letter to help your child learn to write the whole alphabet. The basic phonic sound of the letters has also been included to aid learning. The whole story and all guidance is spoken aloud so children don’t need to be able to read. The speech can be turned off allowing your child to practice their reading skills.

Some of the main features include:

•Demonstrations and lessons explaining how to write each.

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