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  • Wungi Knights
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  • Last modified: November 19, 2019
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Come along as the handsome knight explores the kingdom in search of items needed in the rebuilding of the princess’s castle.

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In Wungi Knights your child guides the knight who must rebuild the castle for the princess. Your child can earn the building parts needed to rebuild the castle by playing the multiple mini games.

Features include:

  • Mini games
  • Child-safe play environment
  • Adorable characters
  • Interface free of text


Even with an evil wizard and fire-breathing dragon, the kingdom is a colorful and cheery place to play. Bright colors have been used in the graphics and the fun music and sounds add nicely to the environment.

Upon entering the app children will begin play immediately. The app does not contain any text, tutorials or in-app help.

The interface is fairly intuitive, but could use some improvements making moving the knight a little smoother. Children will need to give each of the three options for moving the knight around a try as no directions are included. Maneuvering the knight can be frustrating at times; such as when you fly past a box and want to turn around to retrieve it.

A larger building area for rebuilding the castle would be ideal. The area needs to be larger to accommodate the building pieces and it would be nice if parts could be stacked.


More for entertainment than education, this app does contain some activities that require sorting or completing a puzzle of sorts; however, the mini games do not provide enough educational value for us to rate it in that area.


Kids will explore the colorful kingdom on foot, by riding on the back of a flying dragon and by riding a galloping horse. All three are necessary to collect the various boxes. The boxes contain items needed to rebuild the castle.

Boxes can also be earned by playing the mini games, mini games such as washing the horse, feeding the dragon muffins, taking target practice and more.

As parts of the castle are unveiled, kids are able to move them around the small designated area. Games can continue to be played and replayed.


The current special launch price makes this universal app a good deal. Adding multiple profiles would be beneficial for families.

Child Friendliness

This app contains a protected link on the main page which if accessed does take you out of the app. No need to worry about ads, social media or in-app purchases.

Come along as the handsome knight explores the kingdom in search of items needed in the rebuilding of the princess’s castle.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars