Best Platforming Games for Android [Updated for 2020]

Great kid-friendly platformer games to play on Android

We Reviewed Dozens Of The Best Platforming Games for Android So You Don’t Have To. Here Are Our Top Picks.

Platforming games remain hugely popular, even after decades of play among several generations of gamers. There’s something about jumping from level to level, facing the challenges and collecting the booty that is very satisfying.

This collection features something for everyone: for families, there’s a collection of kid-friendly options, for enthusiasts, there’s a set of classic games that never get old, and for the adventurous, a host of unusual games that combine platforming with other genres to create something totally new and unique. Have fun!

Platforming video games never seem to get old.

Wonderful Platforming for Kids


Google Play Store

This app is wonderful for kids. It’s rated “E” for Everyone, though it has mild fantasy violence. But for a small price, you can make sure your young players are not exposed to outside advertising or in-app purchases.

The game costs $2.99. Downwell is a bit unusual in that it plays downward instead of horizontally. The levels are full of secret surprises, enemies, and puzzles. The main character’s task is to descend into a well looking for treasures.  Each level is generated by what has already gone on in the game, so players can enjoy the journey again and again and never run out of unique content.

Fur Guardians

Google Play Store

Here’s a great game that is absolutely free with no advertising or in-app purchases. Players get to choose which furry animal they’d like to play, and then have to save the world from the monsters from the Realm of Chaos. The animals are customizable, too, which will add to the fun.

The game generates an infinite number of randomized levels, so kids can play and play as long as they wish. It has a retro feel in its graphics and music, but kids will have a blast.

Super Cat Bros

Google Play Store

This app’s claim to fame is that it is specially designed for touch-screens. Kids will find it easy to control the characters using familiar movements that they’ve used in other games. With six cat characters (each with special powers) and an engaging storyline about rescuing cat siblings, this app will occupy young people for hours.

Parents should be aware that the app does offer in-app purchases ranging from ninety-nine cents to $4.99. It also does contain outside advertisements. Other than that, the app is charming and fun and just may be the right app for your platforming children.

Never Alone: Ki Edition

Google Play Store

Here’s another offering that is suitable for older kids (rated 10+ for fantasy violence). The storyline is drawn from a traditional story of the Iñupiat people of Northern Alaska. Nuna and Fox search for the source of a never-ending blizzard to save their people. Along the way, they must solve puzzles and meet challenges like never before.

The game is also unique in that it has video clips embedded that give insights into the culture and history of this group of people. Players can also switch between playing each of the main characters. This award-winning game combines great platforming fun with a real learning experience. It costs $4.99.

Minion Rush: Despicable Me Official Game

Google Play Store

Here’s a dream come true for Minions fans… play as any one of four loveable characters. Collect bananas and play special missions to boost your score and win this frenetic game. Parents are cautioned that the game is rated 10+ for cartoon violence and crude humor (but if your kids are fans of the Minions, you already know that).

The game does offer some potentially substantial in-app purchases, ranging all the way up to $99.99. Players can use real credit cards to purchase the virtual currency used in the game. Developers do give clear instructions to protect the purchasing options on the Google Play description page, and virtual currency can also be earned within the game without real money involved.


Google Play Store

Here’s another game with no in-app purchases, but parents need to know there are advertising and social media links in this one, so might be better for teens. The game offers three stages and some really unique unlockable tools and upgrades. There are about 36 levels of fun.

Imagine lumbering around the world in an oversized tank with a cannon on one side and a shield on the other, and you’ve pictured this game. It’s set in a futuristic world and will tickle just about anyone’s imagination. The game costs $2.49 to download.


Classic Platforming Fun

Traps n’ Gemstones

Google Play Store

Ready to channel Indiana Jones? This platform game is set in pyramids with ancient artifacts and treasures. The storyline is unique and the gameplay exciting enough for the game to snare a number of awards, like Pocket Gamer’s Gold Award.

The game features handy maps, inventory lists, and other tools to help you. Best of all, you don’t have to start back at the beginning if you mess something up. You just get sent back to the beginning of that particular room. It costs $4.99 to download.

Duke Dashington Remastered

Google Play Store

This one has been around for a few decades now, but developers have reworked it to bring it into the modern era. Duke Dashington, a somewhat bumbling adventurer, finds himself needing to escape from collapsing dungeons with treasures. Help him out in this comical game!

The game offers over 150 rooms with puzzles and traps and 5 different dungeons. Compete with friends on the leaderboard, too! And if you enjoy Duke Dashington, remember that there are five other games in the series by this same developer.  The game is free. The in-app purchase is $1.99 to remove ads from the game.

Star Knight

Google Play Store

The planet Gaon is not only under attack from hoards of monsters, but someone has STOLEN THE SUN! Star Knight Naro is the only thing standing between the planet and disaster. Avoid the traps, solve the puzzles, earn coins to buy weapons, and win the game by restoring peace to the planet.

The app is rated 10+ for fantasy violence. It is free and has in-app purchase options. In-app purchases range from ninety-nine cents to $7.95.

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic

Google Play Store

Platforming doesn’t get any more classic than this title. Relive (or discover) the joys of gaming on the old consoles, except now thanks to digital advances, hold them in the palm of your hand. SEGA has re-released a ton of classic titles, so pick your favorite platforming hero to play with. Each title is free to download with advertisements, or for $1.99 in-app purchase, you can play ad-free.

Sonic the Hedgehog takes off on familiar adventures in this title. You’ll also see Tails and the whole gang. Run, jump, spin, slide, and more as you solve the puzzles and move through each level. The game is free to download, with in-app purchases of $1.99 each.

Super Mario Run

Google Play Store

And joining the group from the SEGA universe, here comes Mario and company from Nintendo-land. This game is not quite as classically-styled as others, though, since Mario has learned some new tricks over the years.

The app is free to download, but it is limited. For $9.99, you can make an in-app purchase that unlocks the rest of the game. Try all four worlds in the free version, then if it’s right for you, make that in-app purchase to get all of the content and unlock some other treats.

Super Phantom Cat

Google Play Store

Here’s another retro game that pays homage to 8-bit and 16-bit games of yore. Take Chemist White on an amazing journey through Phantom World where your most amazing platform skills will be required to run, jump, smash, and more. Chemist White is collecting data shards to change them into great new characters on his quest.

The free app features a quirky storyline, great art, and retro music, as well as unlockable characters ranging from a cute chicken to a menacing vampire. The in-app purchases range from ninety-nine cents to $1.99 and gain you things like energy drinks and unlockable characters.

Platform Panic

Google Play Store

Imagine a world where platform heroes from the decades have been abducted and it’s up to you to rescue them. Was that Mario and Sonic battling it out to see which is best? Possibly.

This app is free to download. In-app purchases are available from $1.08 to $7.85. Levels are reached in random order, giving the game a feel of infinite variety. Along the way, collect coins that you can use to quickly grab another life when the chips are down.


Platforming Games with a Twist


Google Play Store

Ever try a platform game where your character can’t jump? That’s precisely what we have here. Before you write it off, check it out! No jumping, but an amazing power to control gravity! VVVVVV players sing praises for the game’s complexity and challenge, too.

The whole “no jumping” thing makes VVVVVV a really unusual treat. Instead of jumping, your controls allow you to “flip gravity.” Do it at the right times and in the right places, and you’ll conquer the level. The app costs $2.49.

Fling Fighters

Google Play Store

Prepare for head-to-head combat with players around the world or friends in your own backyard. Timing is everything as you throw weapons and dodge your enemies. Choose your favorite Fling Fighter from over 40 choices, and battle your way through five islands to win the game.

This app is free to download and play. In-app purchases ranging from ninety-nine cents to $19.99 allow you to power up and open up more content. Users have ranked this one with four and a half stars, so check it out!

Pewdiepie: Legend of Brofist

Google Play Store

How about platforming as a YouTube star? Now, that’s a unique concept. This game is loaded with pop culture references and familiar names and voices from the world of YouTube. It’s got all of the usual features of platforming games, plus elements of shooting games and the capability to unlock more stars as you play.

You can also unlock new weapons, attacks, and defenses as you play. There are a ton of levels, and a competitive mode where you can beat your friends. The game costs $4.99 to download and play.

Geometry Dash Lite

Google Play Store

This platforming game is rhythm-based. Avoid obstacles and move from level to level to beat each section. The main character is customizable since you can earn icons and colors. This app is free to download and play.

If you like it, there are other titles in the series to try out. The main game costs $1.99, and other versions are free. There’s a practice mode, too, so you can sharpen your skills before tackling the main game. Players report that the game is interesting and challenging, so it’s a great way to check out the series!


Google Play Store

Players will love this game of traps and puzzles as they work to solve the mystery of what is wrong in the forest. Intriguingly, the game is equipped with a level editor, making it possible for gamers to create and share their own unique content.

There are also options for up to four players to join in multiplayer mode locally, so it’s great for friends and parties. Players can choose to compete with one another (even do each other in!) or cooperate to finish the game together. Single player mode offers over 100 levels, while multiplayer mode allows for 23 levels. Use the game on any Android device, and hook up game controllers if you wish. The app is free to download, and offers in-app purchases ranging from ninety-nine cents to $3.99.

Super Dangerous Dungeons

Google Play Store

Hunt treasure with Timmy through 60 exciting levels. There are traps and puzzles, rooms filled with spikes, and much more to make the path challenging. But if you can conquer the puzzles, you will find the legendary treasure and win the game!

This app is free to download. It offers in-app purchases that cost $2.49 per item. The graphics are remarkably retro, so it has the feel of a much older game with all the pizzazz of a newer one.

Blackmoor 2: Fantasy Action Platformer

Google Play Store

This game has all the elements you love: it’s a platformer, but it’s also a battling game with arcade action as well. So if you think platforming games are great but miss the action of boss battles, check this one out. The game has multiplayer and pvp modes, too. And possibly most uniquely, the entire game can be unlocked completely through game play.

This game is free to download and play. It offers in-app purchases that range from ninety-nine cents to $4.99 per item, including one that allows you to show appreciation to the developers. Check it out!

Best Platforming Android Games