5 Must-have Apps for Busy Moms on the Go


Here are 5 Must-have Apps for Busy Moms on the Go! Our roundup of some of the best mom apps out there!


The Evernote app is perfect for moms who are searching for a modern workspace that will help them become their most productive self!  This workspace allows moms to access their notes, etc. on any device.  Moms can write all types of notes (from quick lists to lengthy research), collect web articles, and even photos.  Evernote’s powerful search option allows moms to find their work quickly.  In addition to note-taking, the app will allow moms to share their ideas and resources in shared notebooks, as well as prepare for meetings with draft agendas and to-do’s.  Need help keeping track of expenses?  No problem! Evernote can organize your receipts, bills and invoices.  If you would like to get more organized, Evernote would be a great place to start!


Featured by Apple in several key sections, including New & Noteworthy, Best New Apps & What’s Hot, BrightNest has a lot to offer any homeowner.  BrightNest allows homeowners to tackle DIY projects, create a personal schedule for completing chores and maintenance, as well as create helpful reminders.  There are tons of helpful articles, including topics such as: changing air filters, unclogging a showerhead, jewelry organizations ideas and how to clean a microwave with lemon!  Any moms out there looking for a way to stay on top of things on the home front, BrightNest is a must-have!

Audiobooks from Audible

Trying to find the time to read all the books on your list? Audiobooks from Audible is the perfect companion for the busy parent.  With Audible, moms can read while they are cleaning the house, folding the laundry, or even working out at the gym!  Audiobooks features over 150,000 titles to download on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, anything from best sellers to classics.  There are lots of great features, such as: chapter navigation, bookmarking, variable narration speed and more.  One of my favorite features – multitasking – background downloading and listening.  If you have a long list of books that you just aren’t getting around to picking up and reading, try Audiobooks from Audible!


With an all-new iOS update, Things is now better than ever.  Moms can now utilize a powerful task manager right on their iPhone.  This app features a simple, easy-to-use interface that is perfectly designed to help busy people get on with their day and their life.  There are various sections, including: Today – helps you plan your day, Focus – helps you stay on task both daily and for the future, and more.  Moms can keep organized by compartmentalizing tasks into categories, such as: Work, Family, Hobby, etc.  Things Cloud will allow moms to store their tasks and see them across all their devices (iPhone, Mac, iPad…).  If you are ready to be productive and don’t have time to waste with a complicated task manager, be sure to check out Things!


Ever walk into the grocery store and realize that you didn’t even make a list?  ZipList is the perfect companion for busy moms who need to make grocery shopping easier and more organized.  This app allows moms to add items anytime, see them organized by aisle, and get in and out of the store faster and less frazzled!  One of my favorite features – turning recipes into grocery lists – simply add recipe ingredients to the shopping list with one click (once you have selected the recipe you want).  Family members can even share grocery lists across devices.  If you would like to make grocery shopping a little easier and more organized, be sure to check out ZipList!

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