8 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

18 Terrific 8 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

8 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

8 year old birthday party ideas are fun to find. Kids are growing very soon. 8 years is a good span where you can celebrate his birthday and surprise him with lots to gifts and pamper him/her with many other things throughout the day. One has to be happy.

A eight year old will be very confusing to celebrate the birthday with friends or family. But this time management should be done by you only. They are kids. Try listening to them like what they want for her birthday. Some people wait till 12 years to have a grand celebration for the birthday.

Are you also finding a perfect surprise for your child on his/her birthday? Then I will help you to find the perfect solution for this. The 8 year old must have a lot of things to be done on that day. They should be pampered and also be happy. Everyone has to be happy and feel relaxed on his/her birthday. Birthdays are like a season where they want to be pampered and feel loved at the same time.

As a child, he only wants to play outside and have fun. Some kids are not interested in their birthday and want to be at home and spend this day as a regular day. But some of them like to celebrate it as adults do it. Mostly, adults like to have a blast on their birthday and celebrate it with friends and family also.

Some kids are in a hostel but want to celebrate his/her birthday with family but he cannot. So if you are far away from him/her and still want her/his birthday to go happy, start planning it from now. One can plan a surprise for him and make him/her happy. I have a list of ideas which can help them to play and have much fun that day.

Birthdays come once in a year. And everyone should be happy and loved. So I hope my list can help to find a perfect idea.  Nothing can make her happy but her family and friends can do this for her.

So let’s make her happy. It is the best feeling to stay happy and loved on your birthday. Pampering is something different from everything. Together we can do this. Let them have fun for that one day.

8 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

1. Monster mash

Monster Mash 8 year birthday ideas

It is one of the most popular Halloween theme party. One can celebrate his birthday as a Monster Mash. It is unique and something interesting to deal with. It is a cute idea for the cake, party decorations and everything else to be in the theme of the monster. One can also dress like them and attend the party.

This friends and everyone can gather and play games. They can also dance and sing. A lot more but we found a party idea. I hope he like the idea and you guys have fun. Let’s make them happy and enjoy his day to the fullest.

2. Backward Party

Backward Party 8 year old birthday ideas

What is Backward Party? It is a party in which everything is written in a reverse manner. Like BIRTHDAY HAPPY. Just like this, everything will be kept in reverse order. Trust me, kids will have a lot of fun and they will enjoy the most with everything around them. The parents can also arrange a reverse game like running at a short distance, jumping everywhere backward. The perfect way to end an party.

This can make her happy.  It is fun for small kids to jump from one place to another. Meanwhile, you can also keep mirrors so if the child wants to know the real spelling you can tell them. This will help them to learn new spelling and will increase knowledge too. Everything will be backward so why not Cake? You can order the cake and tell them about the backward name. This will be more fun for them.

3. Lawn Trampoline Set

Lawn Trampoline Set 8 year old birthday ideas

The trampoline is also known as the jump yard. It is very fun to jump on. Sometimes, even adults wish to have such parties for their birthday. It is fun to celebrate the birthday like kids are thought by adults. And kids think adults have more fun while celebrating the birthday. This party can take place if you have a big lawn or you have to call everyone to the gaming zone where there is a trampoline.

One can jump on it. Small kids will like to jump and roll over it every time they see it. A perfect 8 year old birthday party place. Everyone will have fun and enjoy themselves. There are many places opening where you can book for the birthday party and they can enjoy every moment of it.

4. Water Park

Water Park

The water park is cool to celebrate an 8 year olds birthday. It is unique and everyone can an outing for the birthday. It can be a surprise for the one who stays in the hostel away from his/her parents. It will be shocking to everyone around him. He will be the happiest person on that day.

He can cut the cake there and you can also invite his hostel friends to the party.  He can enjoy himself and cherish it for life. The water park can be relaxing and fun at the same time if you have the best people around you.

5. Bug Party theme

Bug Party theme 8 year old birthday ideas

One can have a costume party for 8 year old birthday party ideas at home. You can invite everyone at home and make them feel comfortable. You can sit down with your child and then only plan for this birthday party. Mostly, boys will like the plan and will have to celebrate their birthday. You can have every corner with a different type of bug.

You can also hand paint it and decorate the house with it. Sometimes, it is fun to place around with things that will be scary to you. A perfect birthday party ideas for him and he will like to play around.

6. Marshmallow Party

Marshmallow Party 8 year old birthday ideas

Everyone likes marshmallow. Not only small kids but also adults like to have them. There are many fun birthday themes but marshmallow can be a nice one. One can get as many marshmallows as they want. A marshmallow can be made in many different types. You can make plain chocolate sauce marshmallow, colorful chocolate sprinkle marshmallow, some people roast them and eat them. Everyone has a different taste and choice to eat them.

The marshmallow pops are fun to make but also more fun to eat them. You can organize a small corner for it make everyone eat them. There are also many types of marshmallow cakes. She can have fun and eat everything that she wants and also play with her friends.

7. Hand Craft Party

Hand Craft Party 

One of the party ideas for 8 year old boy can be a craft party. Every small child likes to spend some making something that is unique and cute. Some also spend many hours making crafts. There are many cartoon shows that help them to make different types of crafts. You can organize the theme as a handcraft party. Nowadays, people organize projectors for movies but we should also understand that they are small and they need to study along with fun.

So plan this wisely and make her the happiest on the earth. You can keep a projector in the lawn which will only show the channels which have crafts. It is something unique to see small kids making a craft and also having fun. You can also organize the corner with some of the snacks and soft drinks so it can be easy for them to reach out when they feel like.

8. Bubbles and brunch

Bubbles and brunch

Everyone’s childhood has passed with the playing of bubbles. So let’s plan an 8 year year old birthday party ideas at home. One can decorate the entire house with balloons and have a corner for bubbles. Bring them different types of bubble and make them happy. One can also arrange a small pool and it will become easy for everyone to dip in. Just a little away, you can plan a food corner for snacks so every child will be reachable to it. Everyone can enjoy and have fun.

After the bubble sessions are over, you can get them their lavish brunch. You can also keep healthy food items as they can eat everything by looking at others. Small kids can make an excuse in front of their parents but not in front of any other. This way everyone is able to enjoy and have fun with everyone. One of the best parties for 8 year olds. They will enjoy the party.

9. Princess Party

Princess Party

It is a fact that every girl has a dream to celebrate her birthday with the princess theme. A party place can be a toy store where there are barbies. Yes, you heard me right. Now there are many places where the store allows to have a birthday party for a few hours but the catch is that everyone has t buy something out of it.

It is a girl’s dream that is fulfilled by doing this. She can for her every birthday but not this one. As she is growing up, she has to get her friends along with her. Everyone will enjoy themselves. The birthday cake can have the design of her favorite Barbie doll. She will be so happy to see her.

10. Mad Scientist

Mad Scientist

Not all the boys are mad behind games and sports. Some also like to experiment with chemicals. Yes, you can host a scientist party for your 8 year old birthday party for the boy. He will love the plan for his birthday. You can book a hall or at home, or also at the local park. All you need is ample of space, water, and a long table. If you organize it better, the party can work until 2-3 hours continuously. You can have many of the experiments like slime, snow, exploding volcanoes, pop rockets(if a local park), lava lamps and many others.

It is fun to experiment and have at least 2-3 hours of fun activities for the birthday. You can also have a party bag for small scientists. One can have dissolving sugar, slime, magnifying glass, and cushions, and many other things. This can be fun for him and he can enjoy the party.

11. Car Party

Car party

The first toy that a guy chooses is the car. When he starts understanding things, he can also ask for a car party as an party theme. You can have a car party at the nearby park. You can also opt to hire some cars so the bys can have a race.

It looks like real when you have this party in front of you. You can also have a dessert table, food table, and many other things. You can get them jackets and make them wearable for the race. It is fun to have this party once in a lifetime. Everyone along with the birthday boy will have a blast. You can also order a car shaped birthday cake with his favorite color.

12. Special breakfast Party

Special breakfast Party

It is something unique to celebrate the birthday. Everyone celebrates at night and also have brunch parties. But you can surprise the birthday person with a special morning breakfast. You can decorate the table with balloons, sparkles and with many other things. You can prepare a special breakfast for him/her.

For example, you can make for them pancakes with milkshakes, some of his favorite juice. You can also set this up at the lawn if you have so. He/she will be so happy to see this party for his/her birthday ideas for 8 year old daughter. He/she will be having fun while starting his/her day with such beautiful surprises. This can be a beautiful memory for them to remember for a lifetime.

13. A trip to the local library

A trip to the local library

A child should have fun and make himself happy while playing. But it is important to make himself study also. You can take him to the local library and call her friends. When you are young, you can learn easily. One can learn many things by observing people around you. You can gather people with you and tell everyone to bring the books that they want to read.

You can organize a sweet table by the side and make everyone comfortable to serve themselves. It can be easy for everyone to eat what they want to without any force of anyone. The perfect party place. It will be interesting for everyone to read books and spend the day peaceful.

14. An aquarium Party

An aquarium Party

One should always plan something fun and interesting for an 8 year olds birthday party. It can also work as a one day picnic too. It can also be a family get-together. It will be exciting for him to celebrate the birthday with everyone who will love her. She will be double excited for the birthday and also for the trip to the aquarium. It is very important for her to understand different types of fishes and it’s breed. An aquarium will be the best thing ever to visit.

One can have fun and enjoy her day with family. She can also cut the cake here and eat dinner in the aquarium. Yes, there are many aquariums where they have a restaurant inside. All the marine life will be swimming in the water above you. It is altogether a different experience for everyone. She can also remember her birthday and cherish it for a lifetime.

15. Zoo party

Zoo party

There are small kids who want to celebrate their birthday at the zoo. It is their dream that has to be fulfilled once in a lifetime. Everyone can be invited to the party. There are many zoo’s who offer birthday parties for small children. They can see many animals and learn a lot about it. Many of the zoological allow celebrating the birthdays with special permission.

It is important for them to learn about different animals. Some people also feed the animals and get happiness. You can tell them to arrange the packages for your birthday. They can make a different area for your child’s birthday party. Cupcakes, drinks and many other things will also be arranged by them only. The 8 year old’s  will be fun and they can enjoy themselves with animals and their friends.

16. Ice Skating

Ice-skating is fun. Mostly everyone wants to celebrate their birthday in the excitement. Ice skating is fun for small kids. They love to be in the snow and enjoy with their friends. One can organize and tell them to have some party suppliers, cake, and many other things that are required for the birthday. There are many places which allow celebrating their birthdays. The whole arrangement is theirs and they make sure that every child enjoys.

There are trainers also who help them to skate easily. Small children need to learn how to skate. There are also some slide to play for them. Every kid can have fun and enjoy themselves. They can totally have enjoyed themselves with his friends. This can be a new experience for them to start something new.

17. Party at the stadium

Party at the stadium

The 8 year olds birthday party place can be the stadium. It is fun for everyone that they can watch a match. You can invite his friends to the party. You can look for his favorite sport happening around. One can get him tickets and make everyone enjoy the party. They can plan a jersey for everyone and gift them which they can take home as a gift.

They can buy them popcorns, drinks, and let them watch their favorite sports. He can also live his dream and enjoy the most with his friends. The best way to surprise an 8 year old boy. A boy can enjoy the most when everyone is around them to make him happy. Let’s plan his fun birthday with loads of surprises.

18. A Train Ride

A Train Ride

This can be new to them a train ride. Not everyone gets the chance to travel by train. So let’s plan a surprise train visit for the birthday girl and let her enjoy the day full of fun and excitement. You can make the plan from prior and ask everyone to join them for her birthday. It is very easy for everyone to add more colors. One can also plan this for a one-day trip sort of. It will be fun for everyone and they can also enjoy the train ride.

It is important to make her happy on her birthday. You can also plan a 2-day outing for the birthday. You can play games and sing songs while traveling. Some places have beautiful sightseeing while the train ride.  She can also enjoy and have fun to the most.

8 year old birthday party ideas are discussed and mentioned above. One can find many more suggestions. But try to make it as simple as you can. They are kids, let them be as they want to.

Let them play outside with their friends and spend their birthday peacefully. As your child grows he has some kind of themes decided by him. So sit with them and plan out the whole party ideas for him.

He can also have a better plan than yours. It can be fun for them if they want to celebrate their birthday and enjoy themselves. So above is the list of party ideas for them.

This is the time where they can have fun and enjoy themselves with their friends. They have a lot of time to celebrate their birthdays in the future also. So let’s plan that can make him happy and they can remember it for the lifetime.