9 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

25 Amazing 9 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

9 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas

Small children are most excited for the birthdays. 9 year old birthday party ideas are very easy to find out. There are many ways a kids can celebrate a birthday. When kids grow, you need to pay a lot of attention to what your child requires at that point. Whether your child wants to celebrate it with the family members or with friends. This is the age where your child is into making new friends and will want to have fun with them on his/her special day.

The special day comes only once a year so they should be getting all the pamper and love that she/he requires the most. The younger kids also like to celebrate his/her birthday by calling his/her friends for a movie or video games and so. Most of the time, boys want to celebrate his birthday by calling his friends for a party, some of the superhero’s picture that he likes along with the decorations.

And girls like to be pampered that day a lot. It is fun watching them like that. No one can also imagine how a 9-year-old birthday girl wants to celebrate her birthday. Sit back with them and plan out finding what exactly for him/her. It will be fun to do so. It will also be exciting for them also to host this big birthday party for them.

Everyone should have fun including your son/daughter by doing what they want to do in that one day. But it should be done by your approval too. After all, they are just 9-years-old and cannot take decisions on their own. They should remember this day in their life. So let’s try and make them excited for the day. So, there are many people who have or will try to suggest the party themes for the 9 year old birthday, and so I am going to suggest the same. I hope you can find some of them and plan parties for 9 year old’s which can make them happy.

9th Birthday Party Ideas In General

1. Cool Parties

Cool Parties

Cool parties are what a kid craves for his/her birthdays. They want to try all the things that an adult does during his/her birthday. Like calling friends over, or take them out for dinner or lunch, go on an outing, and many more things.

Nowadays, throwing a massive birthday party is all they want to make themselves happy and relaxed for the day. So you can also plan a cool party and make for them. They will like to enjoy it more with friends and also want to party hard like adults.

2. Movie Night

Parties-Movie Night

The 9 year old birthday party ideas can include Movie nights. Like adults they also want their birthday night to start with all the fun and that will bring him/her to more excitement. Nothing else can try and make it more fun and excitement than a movie night after cutting the cake at night.

You can turn on his/her favorite movie that she/he can watch any day long and never get tired of it. You can also get her/him popcorns so she can eat them along watching the movie. This way you can start the birthday night for your loved one. As that day is the day where you will allow her to stay back for a longer time and make him/her feel to do what they want to.

3. Pirate Party

 Parties-pirate party

Pirate parties are more fun and full of excitement that your child might have while hosting his/her birthday party. The 9-year-old child is not capable of deciding on a birthday party. This will lead to many other consequences for the parents and others also.

So a parent can try and plan his/her  birthday party ideas for him/her and make this a surprise for them. It will be fun for him/her and also who are attending the party. Everyone should have fun that night. And try making it more special by doing some decorative in the house. She/he will be happier just by seeing it.

4. Artist’s Party

Artist's Party

As your child grows old, you can try and plan some fun activities with his/her friends for the birthday. Everyone has the right to make himself feel special for that day. It should go with fun. He/she can go some fun and play around with his/her friends. So a group of people might enjoy the painting and drawing and coloring too.

They can also showcase the talent that they have within themselves. Parents can also try to get his/her friends for the artist’s party and make them all feel like a small artist. You can get them paints and brushes and papers so everyone can be a small artist.

5. Make Your Own Pizza Party

PartiesMake Your Own Pizza Party

Everyone likes eating pizza. But have you thought of hosting a party at home for a 9-year-old birthday party idea? You can invite family and friend whom you can allow in the kitchen to make their own pizza as a party idea. Small kids should also be tried in making food so they can learn it from you.

This can help them not to waste food and they can make their own pizza at a time. Inform people about these party ideas so it can be easy for them to get dressed accordingly. You can also get them chef hats and personalized apron for each small chef.

6. Petting Zoo

Petting Zoo

What is the petting zoo? It is a type of zoo that allows you to touch and feed the domesticated animals. You can plan a birthday trip with your child and his friends. This will help them to find more about the animals and their living. It is also referred to as a children’s farm.

Everyone is allowed to go and have fun and meet the animals. Animals like sheep, goats, rabbits, and many other animals are kept there.  This way your child and his/her friends will try to learn something new out of the box.

9th Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

7. Balloon Party

Balloon Party

Parties for a 9-year-old girl can be a Balloon party. One can try and plan to host a balloon party in the house for her. You can also plan some balloon games to be played by the children. They will also like the idea to play with balloons. You can give everyone one balloon, they have to blow it and tie it with the knot. You can write everyone’s name on a paper and make chits.

These chits can be picked by the birthday girl and try making a pair of 3 people. Then they have to stand at a point and you have to place a target. They have to throw the balloon on the target and the closest balloon will win the game. They will have fun while playing with the balloons and the by seeing the decorations too.

8. Slime Party

Slime Party

What is slime? Slime is a sticky substance which helps in playing for children and for adults removing stress busters. You can prepare a slime birthday party for a 9-year-old girl at home.

All you need is some glue, magical liquid, craft sticks, some plastic jars to place the slime in with the lids, some of the craft glitter,( if want too) and food coloring to add more colors to the slime. It will be fun to host a slime party birthday idea for a nine-year-old girl. You can also keep the food items but everyone has to wash their hands first and then only start eating.

9. Mermaid Parties

mermaid party

Ariel is the inspiration for Mermaids. Birthday ideas for 9 yr old girl can be a Mermaid party. It can be fun for her to celebrate like this. Are mermaids for real? Not sure but they are in imagination for every small girl who has seen mermaid movies and cartoons. Mermaid swims so you have to plan it in a pool or book a swimming pool for some hours.

You can give the invitation to the theme of blue and pink. You can prior tell the people about the theme of the party so it will be easy for them to prepare for the party. They have to get the mermaid costume so it can look colorful and your child will also like the party. Later, the cake can match the theme. It is a unique theme for the birthday party idea.

10. Photo Booth Party

Photo Booth Party

Nowadays, life is boring without clicking pictures. Not only for adults, but also for kids pictures plan an important role. So why don’t you plan the birthday party themed photo booth? You can hand make them or even try getting them ready made.

You can keep many of them in the lawn and in the garden. It will be easy for everyone to dress according to the theme if any. You can also get many pops at the party. This is a fun way to enjoy while clicking many pictures with friends and family. You will have many memories to remember later on.

11. Baking Party

baking party 9 year old birthday ideas

Baking cakes or cupcakes can be a dream that a small girl has when she is small. The baking party can be one of the themes for nine year old birthday party ideas. She will have fun at home while she is baking cake for her birthday.

She can also take help from her mother while baking it. It is an easy way to celebrate it with family at home. She can call her close friends for lunch or dinner and also play with them. The best way to celebrate a birthday party for her.

12. Park Party

Part party

When you are small don’t you feel like playing outside all the time? It can be one of the themes that the birthday girl will like to celebrate the birthday with her family and friends. She can call everyone in the park and play games there with them. Games which include Treasure Hunts, Scavenger Hunts which requires physical strength.

The parents can also plan a treasure hunt for the kids to have fun while finding the treasure. She can also cut the cake there only. It will be fun for her to celebrate her birthday in such a way with family and friends. This should her happy and loved.

13. Pampering Party

pamper party girls

Pampering parties are like the best parties for girls. Every girl likes to pamper herself. So this can be a theme birthday party idea for a 9-year-old girl to celebrate it. Pampering does not only means that you have to sit back and pamper yourself but everyone can pamper you by doing some different things for you.

Your mother can arrange a spa for you with your cousins at home and also make yummy food items for you. Then later, take you out for shopping and ending the day with a family dinner outside. A perfect birthday party for girls age 9.

14. Ballerina Party

Ballerina Party

Does your child practice Ballerina? What is Ballerina? It is a dance form performed by the girls and the boys. A person who practices Ballerina is known as a Ballet. It is a dance form which can be practiced from a small age group.

This can be the best way a person can host a Ballerina birthday party for a nine-year-old girl. You can book the hall where she practices her ballerina and calls all her friends for the show. This will help her to encourage her confidence in front of the people to perform. This can be the best day of her life. 

15. Beach Bash

beach bash party

Beach parties are very relaxing parties. You only have to book a small part of the beach and call your friends to celebrate your birthday. A nine-year-old girl will be happy with the idea of celebrating her birthday on a beach. They can have a theme party and make every wear the same clothes so they can twin.

It will a dream birthday party idea for a nine year old girl. Girls mostly like to enjoy with both family and friends. They want to give both equal timings on her special day. You can ask for the help of the people and make small tents for the girls to take rest and so.

9th Birthday Party Ideas For Boys

16. Maze Party

Maze Party

What is a maze? It is a type of puzzle that people play. It is a game which starts straight but you be stuck somewhere and it feels everything is the same. So you can plan a maze for a birthday party.

It will be fun for him also when he has to solve the puzzle with his friends. You can also make two groups and find who wins the first like a competition. And along with his, you can let children eat starter and cupcakes.

17. Disco Party

Disco Party

Does your child like dancing? You can plan a Disco party for a nine-year-old birthday idea. It will be fun to dress like the ‘80s and perform on the retro songs. It will be fun to watch them dance and enjoy.

You can order the cake and cut it when everyone is present there. One can also dance on the latest songs and perform for the birthday boy. This can be one of the themes for birthday party ideas for a 9 year old boy.

18. Science Party

Science Party

 It can only be done in a science lab in a school or in the room of your house but you have to make all the arrangements. I will be fun for your child and also for the kids who will be coming over. You can also make them white coats and also give them safety goggles. It will be fun for them to experiment with some of the solutions.

You can also prepare a flask cake for your birthday boy. And give every fabric bag which changes color when you add the solutions. The kids will totally enjoy this and have some. This is a unique birthday idea for the nine-year-old boy. One of the best birthday party places.

19. Harry Potter Party

Harry Potter Party

Everyone wants to relive the Harry Potter Story as one’s favorite character. It can be anyone. You can arrange this as a birthday party idea for a nine-year-old. You can keep one of the stories as the theme and everyone has to come according to the theme.

As a return gift, you can hand make a magical stick or the Harry Potter glasses that he wears. It is really fun to watch them happily enjoying the party. 

20. Ice skating party

Ice skating party

To celebrate this Ice skating party games for  9 year old will be really fun. You have to plan this day from the beginning. You also have to give the invitations so you will get the confirmation to book for how many people.

You also cut the cake there only and click many pictures with your friend and family. Ice skating will be super fun for the boys to play games in the snow.

21. Soccer Party

Soccer Party

Does your child like playing soccer? If yes, you can plan a soccer match nearby on the ground or park. Football is relatively called Soccer. It is very famous among the boys. It is the only game played by many boys. You will only require a ball and two opponent teams for the match. You can order a cake which is a soccer ball.

Everyone will be crazy to eat that cake. You can also plan like a tournament between the two teams. It will help them to bring more confidence within themselves to play and win the match. It will be fun to watch them playing and fighting for the win. 

22. Dinner Party

Dinner Party

A 9-year-old child will be happy to celebrate the birthday with his family and friends. The entire day, he can be with his friends playing some games like water relay or Rattlesnake tag, and many other games. But later at night, he can call people for a dinner party at home where everyone will be invited.

It will be fun for them and also can play longer time. After all, a 9-year-old boy will want to play more rather than celebrate the birthday with a bash. The perfect way to celebrate the parties for nine year olds. 

23. Jurassic World Birthday

Jurassic World Birthday

Is your child obsessed with dinosaurs? So you can plan his birthday party idea like a Jurassic world. Where everyone has to be an animal or so. You can start the trend of celebrating a birthday like dinosaurs. You can make a jungle and decorate it more with real plants and herbs. It can give you the feel about it.

The cake can be prepared like a floating volcano and choose one of the best activities according to age. You can cut down the bold images of the dinosaurs and hand them everywhere to make it look scary and interesting.

24. SuperHero Party Theme

SuperHero Party Theme

Every child is obsessed with one or another superhero. It can Superman, Spiderman, and many other superheroes. You can have a Batman party theme. You can dress the birthday boy a Batman with the cape and mask. You can also decorate the place with Batman party suppliers and cover the chair and table with a Batman mask.

25. Around the World Party 9yr

My son who just turned 9 is very imaginative. We have always used a theme for his parties, so this year he wanted to “travel around the world”. At first I was intimidated by this, but it soon took over!! We did a station for each country we used. We decorated the table in the colors of that country, did a craft for each, and played a game. Ex.. Mexico, we played the mexican hat dance game, and made maraccas. We used 6 countries in all. As the children entered, we took their passport photo with a poloroid, in front of a giant world made of paper, then placed it in their passports where they could get it stamped with a different stamp at each country. Ex..American flag for U.S.A., Panda bear for China. There treat bags were brown paper bags with handles that I drew on to look like a suitcase, and I put “I traveled around the world for Walkers’ birthday.” I filled them with things that represented the different countries. Ex…worry dolls from India, American flags for U.S.A. The cake was a plain sheet cake divided into squares (as if for a baby shower) and I found small flag pics from all the nations. People are still telling me I will never “out do” this one. Everyone, including the parents had a wonderful time, 45 in all!!

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You can customize the invitation card and invite all your friends. This Batman birthday party ideas can be one of the unique ideas that he will imagine celebrating his birthday. In the invitations, you can also write about the theme and the dress code. You can end his birthday party by ordering a cake which has a Batman in it.