45 Awesome Minute to Win it Games for Any Party

Minute to win it games list

Yesterday in one of a big forum I have been asked by a guy to suggest some good minute to win it game ideas.

I gave him few good options from best of my knowledge but with increasing list of comments that people were asking for more ideas, so I decided to make a list of all games that I can collect from different sources.

So today here is a take away for all the people who are excited to know some good games that are fun, exciting and very interesting.

This list of one minute games will be perfect for any age group, i.e for kids, teens, adults, etc. But before handing over the list to you I would like to tell you what exactly these minute to win it games are.

Minute to win it concept and origin

The original concept behind this kind of game was created by Derek Banner in 2003. Then its been a full flagged Television show featured in many countries like US, UK, Australia, etc..

Earlier it was named as “Minute winner- You got one minute to win it”. Then it finally changed to Minute to win it”.


Minute to win it games are very interesting games that make audience feel thrilled as well as the contestant.

It is one of the games which ends up in limited time duration and thus it makes more interesting.

These kinds of games are played under one minute. Contestants are given with some props depending upon which the game is and the person who completes the tasks of the game in one minute, wins the game.

These one-minute games can be played in any age group. These kinds of games are perfect for birthday parties but you can play it on any occasion or just for fun house parties as well.

Minute to win it game list

Now let me give you one of the biggest lists of games you will not find elsewhere.

My main motive is to help all the readers and to give them a good number of options so they can choose the best suitable and the one they find more interesting.

These are all easy 1 minute to win it games which hardly requires few basic props. So these are suitable for all.

1. Mad Dog

It is one of the funny game you would like to try out. It is a very interesting game, you don’t have to use your brain, just play and enjoy. This game has been inspired by the act of dogs. Let me explain how to play this game.


  • A ruler
  • 2 Tic-tack Boxes (Full)


Two contestants are required or even can be played with many as well. Let me explain it to you with two contestant example.

Lets suppose that there are two contestants who are playing this game. Both will place the ruler in their mouth vertically which means mouth at the center of the ruler.

At each end of the ruler, there will be one box attached with tape or any other material. These two boxes should be attached in a way that it should not move.

The game is that each contest have to move their head in a just vertical way to empty each boxes within sixty seconds. The one who successfully empty the boxes within 60 seconds wins the game.


  • You cant move your head vertically.
  • You cant touch the ruler with your hand
  • It should be moved with mouth only.

2. Card Ninja

This one is a fun game which needs your accuracy. Youngsters will love this game. It can be played between two or even three. It is up to you how you want to take this game.


  • Half watermelon
  • New Cards (Sharp)

Let suppose there are two contestants playing this game. So let them stand aside with distance between them. In front of each contest, the half watermelon needs to be placed facing the contestant.

The table on which you place it should be at some distance, the ideal distance should be 10 to 12 Feet. But depends on you.

Timer will start with sixty seconds to complete this game. Now each player will have a few cards with them which they have to throw in a way that it should hit and stuck in the watermelon.

The contestant who puts more cards in the melon will win the game.

3. Noise dive

This is really a fun game, the contestant has to use their brain a little to have that perfect accuracy which needed for the game. The game is simple and interesting.


  • Few cotton balls
  • Bowl
  • Petroleum Jelly

There will be two bowls for each contestant, keep those two bowls at a distance of full stretched arms. Keep one bowl empty and other bowls should be kept with all the cotton balls.

Each contestant should apply petroleum jelly at the tip of the nose. Now the contest has to put his/her nose in the bowl which is filled with cotton balls.

The contest have to pick the bowls one by one with his nose and drop it to other. As it is sixty seconds game so the winner will be the one who puts more into the empty bowl.

Tip – Don’t push your nose too much to the cotton balls because it will create problem while dropping to the other bowl.

Also don’t just push less, it will create problem while picking. So the balls need to be picked very carefully with an accuracy.

4. Sticky situation

It is another game where you should have a throwing and hitting skills. It is more of like card ninja game but in a totally different format.


  • Peanut butter
  • Bread
  • Ping pong balls
  • Small table

Peanut butter is too sticky, a thick paste can stick almost like anything which are tinny or very low weight like a ping pong ball. The game revolves around the ping pong ball and the bread covered with peanut butter.

Put a thick paste of peanut butter on the surface of a bread slice. Now put that slice on a table, butter covered side should face the sky.

The contestant should stand in some distance to the table. The games starts with the contestant throwing balls one by one in bounce to touch the bread.

The one who successfully bounces the ball and is able to stick to the bread wins the game.

5. Pink Elephant

This is a game of balancing. The one who has good balancing skills have more chances of winning the game.

The game is inspired by elephant trunk. This game is perfect for kids and young people.


  • Soft Spring toy
  • Headband

The game is very simple, it just needs balancing.

Let the contestant place the spring and headband on the forehead in such a way that when you put your head down, it should look like an elephant trunk and the same way when you bend your head backward.

The spring should be placed at the center of the forehead.

Now the contestants have to move their head in such a way that your forehead should be facing sky and the spring gets rest on your forehead in the contracted form that means no movement.

It requires balancing and luck. The one who does the same within sixty minutes wins the game.

6. Hut Hut Hike!

If you follow rugby or American football, then you must be aware of the term “long snapper”.  This game is inspired by the long snapper act. But in a little different way.


  • Toilet paper
  • Standing hoop

If you don’t know what long snapper is read this because this game as I said is inspired by it.

If two players are playing this game then place a standing hoop at a distance( ideal – 15 feet) to each contestant standing parallel.

Their position should be like long snapper with having toilet paper in their hand.

They have to throw the toilet paper one after the other to make it pass through their standing hoop. The winner will be the one who puts more into the hoop.

Tip: It can be played in 2 or even more contestants. The more they will be, the more fun it will be.

7. Bobblehead

You might have heard about a pedometer if you know what it is then great as this game is based on the pedometer if you don’t then let me explain.

A pedometer is an electronic device which helps gauge the steps you covered while walking or doing any physical activity. So for this game, we need a pedometer to perform this game.


  • Pedometer
  • Headband

Each contestant should wear the headband with the pedometer at top of it on their head. Now as clocks start the contestant have to shake their head in order to reach 125 points.

It’s like a winning point. The one who reaches the point under sixty wins the game.

8. Chocolate unicorn

This game is inspired by the unicorn horn. If you know that a unicorn looks like a horse but the only difference is that the unicorn have a horn on his head.


  • Ding Dock or 7 chocolate cakes

Its very simple game that you don’t require much hustle. Each player should be given with 7 chocolate cakes.

The contestant have to place each cake one after the other on their forehead that means their forehead should be facing the sky.

As the stopwatch starts the contestant start placing the cakes one by one. For this, the contest should have hold in their balancing.

The full structure of balanced cake should be there for at least 3 seconds. The one who does it wins the game.


9. Movin on Up

I think this game will be perfect for kids, anyways can be played by mature people as well.


  • 39 Blue plastic cups
  • 1 Red Cups

For this game You need 40 plastic glasses, 39 in blue color and one should be in red color. The cups should be placed in stack form, one upon another.

The stack should be in such a way that the red cup should be at the bottom.

As soon as the stopwatch starts the contestant will remove the cup from the top and place it at the bottom.

The contestant can remove one cup with one hand only and with every changing cup the hand should be different that means one from left then right then left and so on.

The contestant needs to move the red cup again at the bottom. If any contestant picks up two cups at once then he have to start it again.

10. Ka Broom

Ka Broom is another one simple game which can be played just for fun or even in competition too.


  • Cup
  • Paper plates
  • Marshmallows
  • Broom

Place a plate on a table in a way that the half of the plate should be on the table and half should hang in the air.

The part which is on the table should be placed with a large marshmallow at the edge. Likewise, place some more same kind of plates parallel to the table. Make a foul line in distance from the table, (around 5- 7 feet).

Now the contestant should stand at the other side of the foul line with a broom in one hand and the cup on the other.

So as soon as the stopwatch starts the contestant will start hitting the hanging part of the plates in a way that the marshmallows should jump up from the plate in a turning position.

That means marshmallows will come toward the contestant. The contestants have to catch each marshmallow in the cup.

11. Rapid fire

It is another interesting game that you would like to try out. It can be played in any age group. It entertains the audience also.


  • A tin can
  • Rubber bands
  • Table

If you have played or know bowling game, then you know how the bottles are set in a triangle fashion in steps.

The same way you have to make a triangle with 6 bottles of the can, 3 on the table then 2 on it, then one at the top.

Make a foul line at some distance. Now the contestant should stand on the other side of the foul line.

As the stopwatch starts the contestant can use his fingers to stretch the band to its fullest capacity and release so that that it should hit the cans.

The contender who hits all the cans within 60 seconds, wins the game. This is suitable game options for teens.

12. Matchmaker

This game requires a little bit of using the brain and your reflexes.


  • 18  Cups 18 Candies ( Equally divided into 3 different colors)
  • Table
  • 3 clear glasses

Place a main table at the center and place three other table around it. Now on the main table put 18 candies and cover it with the cups, one candy with each cup.

The other table should be empty and cup opening should face the roof.

Now as soon as the game starts the contestant start removing each cup one by one and picks up the candy under it.

The contestant have to pick those candies one by one and place it in different unfilled glasses in a way that each glass should have the same color of candies.

If the person picks the glass two times or two glasses and if he puts a different color of candies in a glass then the candidate is eliminated.

13. Junk in the trunk

It’s a funny game and a little bit wired too. You might have guessed it from the title itself.


  • Tissue box
  • 8 Ping Pong balls

Empty the tissue box and fill the 8 ping pong balls in the box. Now with help of a belt or rope or anything, stick the tissue box at the back of the contestant.

As the game starts the contestant starts shaking the body to empty the tissue box. The one who completes it successfully within sixty seconds wins the game.

The only rule is he/she cant use his/her limbs, only the trunks should be shacked and used to clear the balls.

It’s a fun game which makes the party more energetic. Especially the kids like this game the most.

14. Stack attack

It is one of the interesting game I found. I really loved this one.

The game requires your patience as well as you have to be fast at the same time in order to complete the task and that makes it interesting. I think this game is more suitable for adults.


  • 36 Plastic cups

As the clocks start the contestant try making a pyramid of the glasses on his table. The pyramid should start with 8 cups with each one less glass above them which will make the pyramid.

After when the contestant makes the pyramid then he/she have to slide the cups at the edge and it will become a stack of the glasses.

The same way you have to make all the glasses in stack again. All of this has to be done within one minute.

15. Bite me

This game is also fun to play at birthday parties or any other occasion. I m really impressed with this game as it requires your body stretches.


  • Table
  • 5 Paper bags ( Different sizes)

Place the bags in a line starting from the bigger one close to the contestants and then one small size after it and so on the same way. At the front, after the paper bags, there should be a table.

Now the contestant should his/her body to pick the paper bag with his/her mouth by biting it and then he/she has to put it on the table.

So that means the contestant has to pick each paper bag from the mouth by bending the body and then put them on table one by one.


  • The contestant can’t use any other part of the body
  • The contestant can’t touch the ground with hands or knees


  • Stretch your legs sideways to pick the bags.

16. Iron board man

This is a team game of two that means two people make a team and compete with other teams. This game requires balancing.


  • Iron Board
  • Marble

For this game, you just need an iron board and marble. The team players should be holding each end of the board in length. Then one person role out the marble.

After it’s been rolled, their aim should be to pot the marble in any three big holes of the board. For this, they have to balance the board in a way that it should get pass through any of the holes.

If the balls fall off from the board, then they should pick or use another one. For this, you can assign a volunteer to put a new marble on the board.

17. Spudnik

This game is inspired by a satellite named Sputnik. The game is interesting and requires balancing skills.


  • Potatoes
  • 5 Straws

First, put the potato on the table for each contestant. Each contestant should have five straws before starting the stopwatch.

As soon as the game starts each contestant start inserting one end of the straw on the potato and another side of the straw should be open to air. It will look like an alien spaceship or a satellite.

Then contestant should bend the open side of the straw in such a way that they can put the peanut on the straw and should be balanced.

This means that the task is to insert all the straws on the potato and then balance 5 peanuts on each straw. You can use even gems or any peanut shaped thing.

18. Defying gravity

As the name suggests the game requires you to break the gravity force be balancing the balloon air for 60 seconds. It is a very simple game and very interesting too.


  • 3 Balloons

The game requires the contestant to stand with three balloons before starting. As soon as the stopwatch starts, the contestant needs to hit all the three balloons in the air.

Now they have to hit the balloon one by one to make them up in the air for one minute. They can’t hold the balloons in the game they just have to hit the balloons.

This game is perfect for kids or matures. This is one of the best minutes to win it party games that can play on any occasion even other than birthdays also.

Tip: For this game, you need an open-air place or if you play the game in a room then the roof should be at least 15 feet from the floor.


Here I end the list of a minute to win it games, I gave you pretty much all the game options which I found to be the best.

So which one you found the best one amongst all the games? or if you need any help for any of these games then do let me know about it.

15 More Interesting Minute to win it games added – [Updated]

1. Cookie face


In this game, the players have to place the cookies on their forehead and at the same time, many players can compete to play this game.

A cookie is placed on the forehead by every player and the goal is to get inside the cookie into your mouth in 1 minute using your facial muscles.

The game is enjoyable though it looks tougher to play.

2. Stack it up


When there are 3 players in a game competing with each other, this game works well. In this game, the players have to stack maximum 25 pennies in a plate in a minute’s time by using only 1 hand.

This game is really hilarious and exciting to play for the kids as it requires quickness in placing the 25 pennies in 1 minute’s time on the plate without using the hand.


3. Suck it up

Suck it up

There are two plates kept side by side. In one plate coins are placed and the players have to lift these coins by sucking them with the help of a straw and have to transfer these coins it to another plate.

There are in all 3 rounds for every player. Whoever finishes picking a most number of coins in each of the 3 rounds is declared the winner.

Family members and kids will love to play this game as it involves quick work in less time and there is also competition involved because the players play this game in 3 rounds.


This game can be played by up to 6 people in a party and you can use everyday things found in your home for playing this game.

For the Apple, stack tell the player to stack on top of each other 5 apples per player which should be well balanced.

The fun of this game lies in balancing of the apples one above the other by players who are playing it in 1 minute’s time.

4. Block Stack


In this game, each player balances a plate on his or her head and then again balances five blocks over the plate. Each player will, therefore, balance 5 blocks on a plate for 1 minute.

The player who balances the stack of blocks over the plate properly for 1 minute without letting it fall is the winner.

5. Chandelier


This game has a visual appeal and is exciting to watch for everyone. It is simple for set up. It may seem difficult to the players but it has a fun factor in it.

The materials used in it are a table, 4 paper plates and 15 empty soda bottles with tabs removed. Use music to enliven the atmosphere.

The game involves of stacking of at least 5 levels of paper plate and cans one above the other.

The Blows


This game requires a table, 15 cups, and balloon to play.

Arrange across the table 15 plastic cups in a row, the player then blows the balloon when the clock starts and grabs the balloon and with the balloon knocks off the cup with the help of the air in the balloon by always remaining at a side in the table.

Though this game seems to be difficult for a player to accomplish only in 1 minute it is where the real fun lies in playing the game.

I am sure you will love to play this 1-minute game which is hilarious and funny though it seems to be difficult.

5. Keep it up


In this game, take a feather and a bucket. The kids have to blow the feather into the bucket in 1 minute’s time.

The kids will love to blow the feather in the room where the bucket is kept and place the feather inside the feather. The game is interesting and funny to play.

6. Yank me

This game is the hardest because the game involves balance and precision. In this game, the player has to stack an index card on top of every cup until there are 5 cups.

Then the player has to slowly yank the index cards in one go and create a single stack of 5 cups.

This game requires concentration and precision to lift the stack cards at one go by the player where the exact fun of the game lies.

7. The flour game


The flour game is really fun to play. It’s perfect for the variety of different ages and perfect for gatherings and gets together.

This game can be played from a pre-schooler to grandparents which makes it a great game for group events or family reunions.

Another great thing about this game is that it requires very less preparation and very fewer supplies. It can be played outdoors even while camping.

The materials needed for this game are bowl, knife, flour, plate and small hard candies.

First, fill a bowl of flour and pack it down. Continue to fill a bowl with flour up to the brim and then carefully upside down it over a plate.

Then put a Lifesaver such as a hard candy on the mound of the floor. Each player has to cut through the flour so as the lifesaver will fall. After failing the lifesaver without using hands the player has to retrieve the lifesaver.

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