10 Best Free Music Apps for Kids

Best Free Music Apps for Kids

There’s plenty of free music apps out there, but which ones are the best? If interested in downloading a music app or two for enjoyment when the kids are napping or you’re on the train to work, review the following free, excellent options to check out:


Top Kids Music Apps


10 Best Free Music Apps for Kids Overview

8tracks Radio

This unique app features “handcrafted” playlists as well as user-submitted mixes, which makes it different from the majority of music apps available. Most of the playlist descriptions are more flowery than they are informative, but you’ll nevertheless enjoy a nice variety of artists.

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The iHeartRadio app is a favorite thanks to the live-streaming of radio stations around the country. If you still love listening to the radio but don’t want to sit at home, try this app. As with any traditional radio, it features sports, comedy, news, and talk stations. Additionally, the app allows you to create custom, Pandora-style stations via searches for artists or songs.

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NPR Music

Can’t get enough of indie rock? You’ll adore the NPR Music app. It may not feature a lot of variety, but it does offer access to 75 public radio stations. The NPR app also provides access to well-known music podcasts such as Thistle & Shamrock and All Songs Considered. Find interviews and reviews on the app as well.

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iTunes Radio

What list of the free best music apps would be complete without iTunes Radio? It’s Apple’s version of Pandora and provides a streaming, radio-like service that builds playlists based on what you listen to most. If you subscribe to iTunes Match, the app is ad-free.

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Speaking of Pandora, the app is one of the App Store’s most downloaded options thanks to the fact that it works so darn well. As with its iTunes successor, Pandora builds custom playlists based on what you like. It’s easy to navigate and their recommendations are usually excellent. You only get 40 hours of free music per month, but the upgrade for one month of unlimited use is $.99. Not bad.

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Tired of hearing amazing songs on the radio and not knowing the artists behind them? Shazam solves this issue. The music identification app provides the artist’s name and song title after “listening” to a tune for a mere 10 seconds. The free version gives you five song identifications a month, while the $4.99 upgrade offers unlimited use.

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YouTube Kids

If you go by the amount of music streamed on YouTube right now you’d have to say the odds look good. Spotify, Deezer and GPMAA have just a fraction of the monthly users that YouTube draws for music streaming.

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Pick from the best and enjoy rocking out whenever you want!