Bert E. Bird the Third and The Book of Great Ideas Review

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  • Bert E. Bird the Third and The Book of Great Ideas
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  • Last modified: July 21, 2017
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Review Summary:

Do you ever have a night where your head so full of thoughts and ideas that there is no possibly way to fall asleep? Or do you have a child who imagines elaborate plans with ideas so big you wonder where they come up with those things? Then you can definitely relate to Bert E. Bird, a green and red plumed bird with a BIG imagination! Bert E. Bird the Third and his Book of Great Ideas is a delightful eBook that is sure to please with its fun story, rhyming prose and creative illustrations.

It’s bedtime but as Bert E. Bird lays his head down on his fluffy cloud pillow he finds that his brain is so full of ideas that he can’t sleep. Crazy things float in and out of his mind like eating ice cream in outer space and what dreams taste like. He also has a “special list of things he loved and couldn’t do without” which gave him great ideas about things to do like fill boxes with rainbows on rainy days or finding a way to put giggles in a can to help people feel happy! Each page of this story introduces another of Bert’s great ideas with rhyming words and fun interactive activities like popping asteroids with Bert or using a spoon to catapult a bowling ball up to the moon. His VERY, VERY BEST idea is his idea number ten which is to put all of his fun ideas together in a book and guess what he calls it? That’s right! Bert E. Bird The Third and his Book of Great Ideas!



I sat down to try this app with my 6 year old and we were both instantly hooked! We smiled and giggled as we read about Bert E. Bird’s “great ideas”. I also loved how Bert’s wildly imaginative ideas sparked some crazy ideas of our own! Even after the story ended, my son and I sat and came up with our own “great ideas” and laughed and enjoyed some fun, quality time together. Bert E. Bird the Third and his Book of Great Ideas is a definite must-have for your eBook library. You will love it and so will your kids!

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars