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Best 7th Grade Apps [Updated for 2022]

Help your seventh grader stay on top of their middle school workload

We Reviewed Dozens Of The Best 7th Grade Apps So You Don’t Have To. Here Are Our Top Picks.

Top Apps for 7th Grade

The seventh grade year is often a year of big changes-changing classes, new teachers, and higher educational expectations.  It’s also time to begin planning ahead for high school challenges.  Your middle school student can use all the support you can muster.

Thinking and learning also become more abstract in the secondary years. Kids suddenly need to use those basic skills learned in elementary school to acquire and retain knowledge. These recommended apps will help your student learn and grow with the best.


Price: $2.99

iOS App Store

iBiome-Wetland is a hands-on, experiential look at three types of wetlands. Players can “design” each from the ground up by adding environmental factors, plants and animals. This app will support your student’s learning in life science, which is an important part of grade 7 science curriculum.

Players can unlock over 50 different species as they make their biosphere flourish. There’s no scoring system, but there are achievements to unlock and more.

7th Grade Reading Challenge

Price: Free

Google Play Store

Daily reading is one of the best ways to give grades a boost! Check out this app that offers a daily story with comprehension questions. Stories are aligned with 7th grade standards and curriculum, and will boost knowledge as well as comprehension skills.

These are original stories you will find nowhere else. Take up the challenge to read for less than 10 minutes per day and watch the grades improve. Your seventh grader will be glad you got this app!

Real Friends vs. the Other Kind

Price: $2.99

iOS App Store

Middle School Confidential is a series of print books written by teen expert and anti-bullying activist Annie Fox and illustrated by Matt Kindt. Electric Eggplant, founded by Annie and husband, David, has successfully brought Book 1, Be Confident in Who You Are, and now, Book 2, Real Friends vs. the Other Kind to iTunes.

Though the series has been developed for kids ages 8-14 some chapters can be used with younger children. Book 2 addresses relationship issues; such as making friends, resolving disputes, dealing with gossip, exclusion and cyber bullying. Not only do the books contain thought provoking situations, but just as importantly, offer possible solutions the kids could use. The app costs just $2.99 and tackles an important topic.

Words for SAT® – Vocabulary Builder for Test Prep

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Google Play Store

Help your seventh grader get a handle on the all-important vocabulary to help achieve success on those high school tests. Vocabulary acquisition does not happen over night, and the kids who start in grade 7 will be far more prepared than those who wait until the night before the big test to begin preparation.

Sound vocabulary also helps with so many other crucial skills in middle school, including writing and problem solving. There’s really no substitute for a program of regular exposure to upper-level vocabulary. This app offers an in-app purchase of $4.99.

American Civil War Interactive

Price: $4.00

iOS App Store

American history is a big part of social studies classes sometime in middle school (the exact grade varies from state to state and district to district, but all cover it sometime). And one of the most important parts of American history is the time around the Civil War. There’s a lot to understand from this complex time period, and the issues then impact our government and society even today.

Civil War Interactive is a multimedia resource about the American Civil War. With hundreds of photos, paintings, recordings and videos, it offers a museum-quality experience in your own home. The app puts loads of knowledge right at your student’s fingertips in an easily-digestible fashion.

7th Grade Math Challenge

Price: Free

Google Play Store

Students can practice with hundreds of 7th grade math questions until they are confident experts, ready to tackle nearly any test. This app offers loads of content that is keyed to seventh grade math standards. The questions cover all of the content of a typical grade 7 math class, so students entering grade 7 may find the content very challenging. As the year progresses, they will be pleased to see all of their progress.

Math is best learned in small bites like this, with constant, rotating review. This app offers a challenge but also will promote learning all year long.

SAT Vocab by MindSnacks

Price: Free with in-app purchases

iOS App Store

One of the single best ways to boost scores on the big and important tests in high school is to build vocabulary, and that simply takes time. Your middle schooler should be laying the groundwork now for the SAT in grade 11. You simply can’t cram for the SAT. It takes years of study to get the scores that students covet to get into the best colleges.

SAT Vocab by MindSnacks is an entertaining way to increase your vocabulary whether studying for SATs or just for fun. The app is free to download and try. There are in-app purchases available to acquire all 25 vocabulary lessons and other enhancements. SAT Vocab by MindSnacks offers 9 engaging games to help the words really stick. The games adapt, too, so your student won’t be stuck practicing the easy words instead of spending time and energy where it will do the most good.

The Right Word

Price: $1.99

iOS App Store

The Right Word offers several types and levels of practice with a huge list of word pairs and groups that many people find confusing. It includes a handy reference tool, and offers practice with various fill-in activities that force the user to use context clues to answer correctly.

This app costs $1.99 and is a proven tool to boost academic performance, writing skills, and test scores.  There is no reason to let yourself look foolish by misusing common words, so check this app out.

Paraphrasing Tool – AI Based

Price: Free

iOS App Store / Google Play Store

So often, students are told to avoid plagiarism but they are not given tools to do so. This app will help them learn what paraphrasing means and how to get started. The app’s artificial intelligence system takes a look at a text from the internet or other source, and offers a different way to say the same thing. Users can then tweak the app’s ideas to make the text say just the same thing without repeating anyone’s words.  It’s a perfect stepping-stone for young writers learning to use their own words to express the ideas of others in research papers and similar assignments.

The app will offer three different selections based on the original text. One is worded more simply to put an emphasis on fluency, one is standard, and one is “creative.” Users can then blend and modify the paraphrased text to make it their own.

GradeProof Proofreading and Plagiarism Detection System


Price: Free with in-app purchases

iOS App Store

This app may be a must-have for your seventh grader! The older kids get, the more they need to express themselves will in writing. Now you can help your student gain the polish and niceties that will make written work stand head and shoulders above the crowd. The app has the standard spelling and grammar checker, but also a phrase analyzer that guide writers to better terms, and a plagiarism checker.

The app is free to download, and some features are available as in-app purchase options ranging from ninety-nine cents to $29.99. There is a premium version available for $14.99 monthly subscription that includes most of the advanced features.