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Best Free LEGO Apps For Kids [Updated for 2022]

Experience our favorite toy building brick in all its glory

We Reviewed Dozens Of The Best Free LEGO Apps For Kids So You Don’t Have To. Here Are Our Top Picks.

Welcome to the world of LEGO—a world filled with imagination and learning. These apps just scratch the surface, but they represent some of the best of LEGO’s digital experience for children both younger and older.

LEGO is one of the most popular toy brands in the world, and with good reason. These toys are fun and educational, and could even be called timeless. Each new generation discovers just how magical LEGOs can be.

And it’s hard to find a toy that’s more beneficial to kids’ growth and development. Just as the real-world LEGOs build skills like spatial understanding and fine motor control, these apps also build companion digital skills, which are crucial for success in school and outside of it.

cartoon pink lego van driving along a streetLEGO Duplo World

iOS App Store / Google Play Store

This open-ended play world offers a wealth of opportunities for your preschool or young school-aged child to turn their creativity loose. Developers have woven the Headstart Developmental Framework throughout this app, so everything is developmentally aligned to help kids learn. The whole family can play together, too, as the app supports multi-touch.

The app is free, and also includes games that will support your preschooler’s ability to count, sort colors, and develop other important skills. Best of all, it’s all designed to be engaging and fun so kids won’t want to put it down.

LEGO Duplo Connected Train

iOS App Store / Google Play Store

Here’s a fun app for your preschooler who is in love with trains. It interfaces with the LEGO Duplo Connected Train toy, or you can play with the app on its own.

Kids will drive their trains, control the speed, toot the horn and more. They can also lay bricks on the track that will cause the train to do different types of things.

The app allows young engineers to collect stickers and go on adventures. It’s free to use, and completely child-safe. There are no outside advertisements or in-app purchases. All aboard for fun!

LEGO Ninjago: Ride Ninja

 Google Play Store

Check out this cool racing/battling LEGO game! Ninjago Ride Ninja puts you right in the driver’s seat of the main character’s motorcycle and sends you speeding down the street in search of enemies to battle and defeat.

Tilt and twist your device to steer, grab some air on ramps, and avoid explosive mines in this action packed world. Riders can score points, earn power-ups, and more as they play.

This app is free to play, but does offer some in-app purchases. You can “go pro” for a ninety-nine cent purchase. It’s also child-safe, having no third-party advertisements or outside connections. The app is perfect for your young gamer and will let you allow him or her to play independently with confidence.

LEGO LifeLego block with lego logo

iOS App Store / Google Play Store

LEGO Life is social media for LEGO nerds. The online community shares plans and builds, hints and tricks, and more.

Your LEGO fan will find a whole community of like-minded individuals to talk about the wonders of LEGOs. He or she will find inspiration, ideas, and a whole lot more.

LEGO Life also includes digital LEGO movies and clips,  as well as behind the scenes info from movies and other projects. The social scene is safe and monitored, keeping conversations positive.

One of the most unique features is the capability to grow your digital LEGO collection. Just scan the QR code from your newly purchased LEGO set and the pieces will be digitalized so you can use them online.

LEGO Hidden Side

iOS App StoreGoogle Play Store

This LEGO app pulls users into the world of AR LEGOs. To begin, you must scan the QR code of your new LEGO Hidden Side set, and then you’ll be all set to go ghost hunting with your very own phone.

The app uses AR technology to merge the real world with the digital one. Just build your set, then use the app to reveal its hidden side (and hidden creatures).

This app is completely free to use, but is a companion to LEGO Hidden Side sets (there are 8 of them). Your LEGO enthusiast will need to purchase at least of of these sets for the app to work right.

Lego Powered Up

iOS App Store / Google Play Store

Take LEGO vehicles to the next level by powering them up with this app. It’s compatible with the App-Controlled Batmobile, the City Cargo Train, and the City Passenger Train (each sold separately).

A blue-tooth connection allows users to control the engines’ speed and other attributes. Write codes to make the models move and respond to real-world events.

Kids can add lights, sounds, and more to their LEGO toys with LEGO Powered Up. It will really make their creations come to life, and can also help them build those all-important coding skills. LEGO Powered Up adds a whole new dimension to the LEGO Playing Field.

Stop Motion Studio

iOS App StoreGoogle Play Store

No Lego App collection would be complete without a tool to make your own stop-action videos—just like The LEGO Movie! This easy-to-use app does just that. It will let you channel your inner movie director and create all the stop-action animation you want.

The features of this app will really help you put just the right touches on your videos. There is an overlay mode that allows you to see the small changes between frames, and a positioning grid you can activate to make sure everything is framed just so. Easily rearrange frames with copy, cut, and paste tools, and use the timeline to keep track of the big picture.

Choose from 8 different themes and a multitude of text cards and fonts. Everything you need to create a professional-looking HD video is right here.


iOS App StoreGoogle Play Store

Here are all of your favorite Lego movies and shorts available in one spot, for streaming or download. Kids can watch their favorites again and again. Create a playlist so you can find just what you are looking for.

The World of Lego is huge and growing, so this app’s developers curate the collection from time to time, adding new content and removing the stale stuff through updates. You may need to update your playlist occasionally, but you’ll know you’re always able to get great content.

Parents should be aware that this app does contain commercials and product reviews. It also has live unprotected links to Lego websites, which feature content and games for kids.

Lego figurine driving car with LogoLego Friends: Heartlake Rush

iOS App StoreGoogle Play Store

This game has all the excitement of a run-game, together with the appeal of LEGO. Play as your favorite characters (Andrea, Mia, Olivia, Emma, Stephanie, and others), and roll right through town to have adventures and collect prizes. Customize your car with decorations, or boost its performance with add-ons.

The app is child-friendly with no outside advertising or connections to the internet. They do serve LEGO themed advertisements, and there are in-app purchase opportunities related to the game, such as extra characters and in-game currency packs. Prices range from $2.99 to $9.99.

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