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If you’ve been looking for a way to get your kids excited about math and the four basic math functions, we just found the holy grail of edutainment math apps.

Math Evolve is a universal app that challenges kids to play an alien adventure game, and just happens to include awesome addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problem solving. While other apps may be content to give kids practice problems or present these concepts in boring black and white charts, Math Evolve definitely goes the extra mile. Your kids will navigate challenging game boards full of monsters and crazy bosses, defeating them all, powering up their creature and saving their home planet, all with the power of math. How’s that for fun?

This app has amazing customization options. You can choose the difficulty of the math and the game separately. So if your child is ready for a mathematical challenge, but maybe not for a harder game, you can make that happens. This ability also makes Math Evolve appropriate for children of all ages. After all, these four basic math functions are the building blocks for the entire field. It never hurts to get a refresher, and this game is so much fun kids actually like practicing math.

It also has one of the most thorough reporting features we’ve ever seen, that shows you how many times your child plays (even the date), scores and the percentage of problems they solved correctly. I wish it could tell you what problems the kids struggled on specifically in story mode, but the game’s practice mode picks up the slack. Practice mode actually creates charts of each problem and shows you exactly what your little one needs to work on. While in practice mode, a tutor also helps identify problems and correct them on the spot.

Math Evolve was a big hit with my bunch. Consider it kid tested and approved (don’t worry, mom approves too!). Some recent updates made this app even better, and including the ability to go back and replay levels you’ve already beaten, a handy function for kids who like to get it right.

Bottom line

Math Evolve is a top notch math app, appropriate for kids ages 7 and up. It brings subtraction, addition, multiplication and division to life, and it’s just plain fun.

Have you ever practiced math while saving the universe? Now you can with Math Evolve, a revolutionary educational game that makes math practice incredibly fun for kids of all ages. In Math Evolve, players solve equations while they embark on a quest through the microscopic world, the ocean, and outer space. Unlike any other math game on the App Store, Math Evolve combines math practice with an immersive video game to create a truly educational and entertaining experience. The game can be easy enough for a 7 year old to master, but the expert settings are fun and challenging even for a parent or adult. Math Evolve features beautiful artwork, cool music, flexible settings, and performance statistics, making it the most engaging and complete math practice app on the App Store. Regular Price: 1.99