New App Allows You To Track Your Child’s GPS Location


If you want to track your child’s real-time GPS location and route history, Pumpic app is the best solution. In addition you can set so-called “safe zones” like school, home or grandma’s house. Each time your child leaves the place, you will get an alerting message. (This feature will be launched on the 9th of March.)

A new parental control app allows you monitor all incoming/outgoing and even deleted messages and call logs to secure your child from misgiving people. The app is also known for its email monitoring feature, which allows you monitor all online activity including browsing emails, contacts and scheduled events. is perfect for parents wishing to monitor their kids remotely. Once the app is installed, you can track all online and offline activity through your personal panel via cell phone or PC. Parental control can be used to both control and protect your child. While you can trust your kid completely, it is just a common sense that you cannot trust all people hidden under the computer screens.

According to the last poll, children aged 9-17 spend around 3 hours online with 80% of the time via their smartphones. Online protection is absolutely necessary, as we understand that online world opens an adult world our children are not ready to see yet. Pumpic team designed features that allow you track all social media sites including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, apps and VoIP chats like Viber, WhatsApp and general online activity to protect your child from such online dangers as cyberbullying, online predators and 18+ websites. The app is compatible with iOS and Android phones. has a free 7-day trial that you can download anytime. Then you can choose between two plans: Basic (that starts with $3.33/months) and Premium ($13.33/month).

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