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Make chores less of a chore with the You Rule Chores app for iPhone.This app creates a smart space for you to assign and track your children’s chores, and a fun environment where kids can level up and earn rewards for being chore champions.Getting StartedA straight forward tutorial will have your team in tip top chore shape in no time. Create a referee password (that’s for you) then let your kids choose their own character to play. Set up chores from the app’s existing list, or create custom tasks for a unique touch.

For completing each chore your child earns coins. Coins unlock fun new sounds and animations for the characters. They also go towards earning rewards. You control the reward system, whether you want to reward hard work with a trip to the park, allowance or family movie night. It’s completely up to you and your family.

Why It Works

Motivating youngsters to do chores can be a struggle. This app makes it fun, with cool characters, tons of positive reinforcement and a touch of healthy competition. It’s also a great way to get organized. Adding tasks on a weekly or biweekly basis is extremely easy.

An app is smaller and easier to manage than an unruly wall chore chart. The You Rule Chores app is universal. Put it on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, as long as the device has iOS 4.0 or above.

The You Rule Chores iPhone app costs $3.99 to download from iTunes. It is definitely worth the small investment. This app is a gem.

Bottom line

You Rule Chores is an amazing app the whole family will benefit from. You may never look at chores the same way again.

We’ve just launched an iPhone/Touch/Pad app called You Rule: A Game of Chores. You Rule uses game-world fun to inspire real-world productivity in kids (and real-world sanity for parents).

By doing chores and logging them in the app, kids earn virtual rewards like avatar level-ups as well as real-world rewards like allowance or privileges. The results are amazing as kids transform into pro-active chore-doing maniacs.

You Rule is super simple and easy to use for parents and it’s beautifully and imaginatively designed with kids in mind.

Regular Price: $3.99