Keep the Change Kids


Keep the Change Kids is a fun app that will help children review coin identification and counting change.

Money Math: Counting Coins


Mysterious money app sends kids on a mission to keep coins safe while teaching them how to count, add, and subtract coins. They’ll also learn a bit about U.S. History at the same time.

Motion Math: Pizza!


Motion Math: Pizza! provides challenging math ‘problems’ in a real world setting and plays more like a game than an educational app. Fun, challenging, and great for the whole family!

Allowance & Chores Bot


Allowance & Chore Bot allow families to easily track chores, allowance, and saving in one app that the whole family can use!



Kids will receive great satisfaction in watching their garden grow. GardenLab provides numerous educational opportunities and hours of entertainment; all this and more at a reasonable price.

Gozoa Goes Shopping

Gozoa Goes Shopping

A great math app that helps children learn the value of a dollar as they earn and spend gold coins to purchase clothing and accessories for Gozoa.

Marble Math Junior


Marble Math Junior is highly customizable, making it perfect for classrooms or at home; either way it is guaranteed educational fun at a great price.

Math Doodles


Math is Fun! Math Doodles is a prime example of how math can be fun; kid-safe, extraordinary artwork, tons of options and loads of fun.

Splash Math – 3rd Grade HD Full

Splash Math 3rd Grade covers a wide range of math skills, not just addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Splash Math – 2nd Grade HD Full

Splash Math 2nd Grade HD is a fully loaded math app worth checking out. Kids will be entertained while learning.

Splash Math – 1st Grade HD Full

Splash Math 1st Grade HD is a well designed comprehensive math app. This interactive workbook is much more fun than paper worksheets!

The Best of the Best Math Apps for Elementary School (Part 2 – The Vote)

Let’s vote! Don’t forget to check out the nominees! Get ready to vote for your favorite math app for Elementary School. Voting closes 7/31/2011. The Nominees for Best Elementary School Math Apps [poll id=”4″]

giveaway COIN MATH


It’s a best app because it helps kids learn about money – and it’s this weeks giveaway!

Coin Math

Coin Math App By Recession Apps

Coin math is a best app because it teaches kids of different ages to learn about money in different ways. Coin Main also reinforces math and money skills that are being taught in the classroom for kindergarten to 4th grade (5 years to 10 years).