birthday cake ideas for girls

What type of cake a girl would love to have in her birthday party? I am pretty sure that you would definitely want to know about this. So for all those who are in search for some useful birthday cake ideas for girls, here you can find a list of different ideas that will help you pick the best one.

Birthday is an extremely special occasion for everyone, but for girls, it is even more special. Unlike boys, girls like to plan everything nicely and well in advance for their birthday party and want everything to be just perfect. From the decorations to the food, everything is carefully thought out at a girl’s birthday party.

Therefore, one can only imagine the amount of thought and care that they would put in into the selection of that perfect birthday cake for the party. The cake for a girl’s birthday party needs to be pretty and represent her in the most special way.

It is very important that when baking a cake for a girl’s birthday party, you try to come up with some unique and special ideas, which will make the cake the center of attraction at the party.

Whether you are baking the cake yourself, or you are planning on buying the same from some big and famous bakery in your city, it is very important that the below-discussed points and ideas are kept in mind, in order to ensure that the cake for your little girl, turns out to be just perfect for her birthday party.

1. Colors Of The Cake

Birthday-Cake-Ideas-for-Girls-Colors Of The Cake

The very first thing that helps in distinguishing a girl’s cake from a cake meant for the boys is its color. There are no surprises here, and the color pink represents the females in the most delicate and elegant manner.

However, it is also important to remember that besides this color pink, there are many other colors which you can use on the cake. Whites, yellows, red and almost all the colors go really well on a girl’s cake. The only thing to take care of is that when all the colors come together, they should give a gentle and feminine look and feel to the cake.

Therefore, one should try to use the lighter and more delicate versions of these colors instead of trying to go in for the bold and dark shades.

2. Flavors Of The Cake

Birthday-Cake-Ideas-for-Girls-Flavors Of The Cake

With a girl’s birthday cake, it is possible to experiment with the flavors much more. While for the boys, chocolate seems to the only good option, in the case of girls, pineapple, vanilla, strawberry, red velvet, blueberry, and almost all the other possible flavors sound like a good option.

The final call about the flavor and the taste of the cake should, however, rest in the hands of the birthday girl and whichever is her favorite flavor, the cake should be ordered for that flavor only.

3. Arrange Only For The Best Cake

Birthday-Cake-Ideas-for-Girls-Arrange Only For The Best Cake

The birthday cake is a very important part of the birthday celebrations for a girl and, therefore, it is absolutely important that you make no compromises about the quality, taste or the looks of the cake.

You may be an excellent baker, but for this cake to be perfect, it not only needs to be good in taste but should also look perfect. The birthday girl may be looking for a cake design which would go well with her party theme, and the only way you can get this perfect look of the cake is by allowing the professionals to handle the making and decoration of the same.

Find out about the best bakers in your town, discuss in detail about the look of the cake you want, sample their flavors before deciding the flavor of the cake and once, all the aspects of the cake and the bakers have been verified, only then go ahead and place the order for the cake.

4. Ensure The Entire Cake Is Edible

Birthday-Cake-Ideas-for-Girls-Ensure The Entire Cake Is Edible

While decorating the cake, there are many different decoration items which can be used on the cake. Right from the icing on the cake, to the little figurines and other decorative pieces which are placed on the cake, it is important that you ensure that everything that is placed on the cake is made from edible, safe and high-quality ingredients only.

For girls, it is these decorations on the cake, which are far more attractive than the actual cake, and therefore, they might want to actually eat them, hence, ensuring that they are safe for consumption becomes important.

5. Design Of The Cake

Birthday-Cake-Ideas-for-Girls-Design Of The Cake

This is by far the most important aspect of ordering or baking a girl’s birthday cake, which has to be handled in the most careful manner. There are many factors which influence the selection of the design of the cake, like the theme of the party, the preference of the birthday girl, the current trends in birthday cakes, etc.

Some of the most popular cake designs for girls that are a favorite amongst all the girls world over are as follows:

6. Princess Sofia Cake

Birthday-Cake-Ideas-for-Girls-Princess Sofia Cake

Every girl wants to feel like a princess on her birthday and this cake is sure to declare to everyone at the party that they have indeed come to attend the party of a princess.

It is a simple round shape cake, which is decorated with white beads like a pearl necklace of a princess. The cake also has a special royal emblem designed on one side. On top of the cake is a princess figurine, representing your birthday girl, all dressed up in her royal gown and crown, giving the cake the final look of a cake belonging to a princess.

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7. Rainbow Ruffle Cake

Birthday-Cake-Ideas-for-Girls-Rainbow Ruffle Cake

This is a layered cake. You can have as many layers as you want, depending on the size of the cake. Generally, in order to get the perfect effect of the cake, you need to have a minimum of 3 layers.

Each layer is frosted in a way that it gives the cake a ruffled look, like that of an evening gown, and comes in a different color of the rainbow. However, the colors used in this cake are very delicate like white, pink and white, etc., which represent the elegance of the females in the best possible manner.

The cake is very simple with no adornments, and yet the simple play of colors and the ruffled design of the frosting to make it look absolutely tempting and beautiful.

8. The Frozen Land

Birthday-Cake-Ideas-for-Girls-The Frozen Land

The movie Frozen seems to have captured the imagination of all the girls all over the world, and they all want to be Queen Elsa.

Their birthday is the perfect time to make this dream of their’s come true. Get them a cake, which represents the entire land of Frozen, along with some of the other important characters from the movie beautifully crafted with fondant.

This cake looks, pretty, exciting and totally inviting.

9. The Flower Cake

Birthday-Cake-Ideas-for-Girls-The Flower Cake

The beauty of flowers and nature is something which only females are able to appreciate, and for some weird reason, the males are never able to truly appreciate or enjoy the pleasures nature.

If your birthday girl also loves nature, then this cake will be a perfect choice for her birthday party. The beautiful fondant flowers and the entire feel of nature make this cake look refreshing and absolutely gorgeous.

Serving this cake is almost like serving the most beautiful part of nature on a plate.

10. The Barbie Cake

Birthday-Cake-Ideas-for-Girls-The Barbie Cake

The Barbie has been an important part of every girl’s life, and shall continue to do so in the future as well.

Therefore, getting a Barbie-shaped cake for your girl’s birthday party is a very safe and a very good option. There are many different versions of the Barbie which are available in the market, like the sporty look of Barbie, the princess Barbie, the Doctor Barbie, etc.

Depending on what the birthday girl likes, you can pick any of the many avatars of Barbie and use it as the design for the birthday cake.

11. The Age Cake

The Age Cake-Birthday-Cake-Ideas-for-Girls

As a general rule, girls do not like their age being declared to the world, however, if it is a special age for them, like they are turning 13 and starting their teen years or it is their sweet 16 birthday party, they might actually want their birthday party to scream and declare their age to the whole world.

In this scenario, arranging for a cake which is basically cut out in the shape of their age, and beautifully decorated with various figures like stars, flowers, butterflies, or anything else which is attractive and pretty, would be a great idea for a girl’s birthday party.

12. The Make-Up Cake

make up cake-Birthday-Cake-Ideas-for-Girls

From a very young age, girls become conscious about their looks, and items like lipstick, eyeliner, nail polish, etc., attract them immensely.

A cake which celebrates this passion of the girls would be a great cake for any girl’s birthday party. All you need is a simple cake, in white or pink, decorated with bottles of nail polish, lipstick, and other cosmetic items.

No, you do not need to use real make-up bottles for the decoration. Just ask your baker to make beautiful and real looking bottles out of fondant and place them strategically all over the cake to make it look like a girl’s dressing table.

Delicate, sweet, elegant and pretty, these are some of the adjectives which should come to mind when you look at a females birthday cake, and if you manage to tick all these items, then you have the perfect birthday cake for a girl’s birthday party.