Keep the Change Kids


Keep the Change Kids is a fun app that will help children review coin identification and counting change.

Dexteria Dots – Get in Touch with Math


Dexteria Dots offers a highly visual and kinesthetic way to practice basic math concepts such as greater than/less than, addition, and subtraction.



Brainfeed is an amazing app full of wonderful educational videos across a wide variety of topics that will keep children engaged and entertained for hours!

Money Math: Counting Coins


Mysterious money app sends kids on a mission to keep coins safe while teaching them how to count, add, and subtract coins. They’ll also learn a bit about U.S. History at the same time.

Numbers at Home


Learn to count, add, and subtract in English and in Spanish through a series of math games that entertain kids and help them build confidence in their basic math skills.

Free App Friday – March 28, 2014

Free App Friday

This week we have many interesting & fun apps for education, games, books, bakery, sports, colors, etc. Please don’t forget to check them all out on our roundup at Enjoy! view all FREE APP FRIDAY apps   Free App Friday Favorites The following apps have been reviewed by the team and so are […]

Symmetry School: Learning Geometry


Kids get a thorough introduction to the world of geometry, learning about symmetry and developing their spatial reasoning, pattern recognition, and fine motor skills at the same time.

10 fingers +


Multitouch feature leads to unique way to help kids build their basic counting and addition skills.



KidsAbacus is a multi-level educational app that allows children to use an abacus to explore and practice addition and subtraction problems.

Mission: MATH… Sabotage at the Space Station


Spaced-themed math challenge makes up for design flaws with high-quality math practice opportunities geared toward girls.

Motion Math: Pizza!


Motion Math: Pizza! provides challenging math ‘problems’ in a real world setting and plays more like a game than an educational app. Fun, challenging, and great for the whole family!

Slice Fractions


Slice Fractions offers a wordless, hands-on walk through basic fraction concepts such as the meaning of the numerator and denominator, equivalent fractions, and fraction ordering. Players have to solve physics problems by slicing objects and removing barriers to movement at the correct times and places to progress through the game.

ToDo Telling Time


ToDo Time provides an engaging and fun way to practice a range of essential skills and will help young elementary students master many aspects of time.

Splash Math – Kindergarten Full


Splash Math Kindergarten is an all-inclusive math app for young children. An app that is enjoyable to use, but more importantly, it is one that your child will want to use often.

TeachMe: Kindergarten


TeachMe: Kindergarten is an outstanding all-inclusive educational app that is a must-have for parents with little ones at home! Great content at an even better price.

Crapoks: Maths & Memo


A card game of match is always a fun way to improve a number of educational skills. Crapoks: Maths & Memo uses it to present math problems in an entertaining app for kids.

Preschool Genius Math Booster Zoo


Kids build basic math skills while interacting with farm and jungle animals in the large selection of games found in this app.

Allowance & Chores Bot


Allowance & Chore Bot allow families to easily track chores, allowance, and saving in one app that the whole family can use!

theGames: Kindergarten Math Standards


This educational app is a great deal and offers lots of math practice in an easy to use setting for early learners.

Annie’s Picking Apples 2


Annie, an animated squirrel, will put kids to work picking apples, as well as helping her bake delicious pies, as they build their counting skills and learn how to follow logical sequences.